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Hospitality Management Software

Choosing the right hospitality management software for the hotel in Canada is a tough job and few times confusing for the management too. Hotels always focus on how many features are there in software and the cost of the software. But miss the most crucial aspect while choosing a hospitality management software, and that is the user interface.

If the software has all the features, but the navigations from one operation to other is so complex, then it is hard for the staff to familiar with it. Although it has all the required features if the user is unable to use it, then it is a waste. And when we survey most of the mid-size hotels, they have this common problem.

That’s why Nanovise design a very simple yet powerful hospitality management system which is equipped with all features. Our dashboard is so well designed the 90% of hotel operations can handle only from its dashboard without navigating much. Room Occupancy, Reservations, Check-in, Room Service, Laundry, Restaurant, Check-out, Bill payment, Inventory, Employee Management, Reports, Accounting, etc. are in our dashboard.

We designed our software very precisely that within few hours, hotel staff can become familiar with it, do all their daily operations easily with no struggle. We have the best software developers in Canada, and it helps us to gather all information regarding hotel operations in Canada and the problems hotels are facing, which help us to build a smarter hospitality management system for hotels in Canada.

Nanovise Hospitality Management System helps your hotel : 

  • Minimize human errors.
  • Sync each department with one another so that it saves the hotel’s precious time and speed up the operations.
  • It helps the hotel to see the occupancy forecast and plan accordingly.
  • Helps to secure sensitive data of guests and hotels.
  • It generates so many reports which allow hoteliers to get all data insights, which ultimately helps them to make the right decisions at the right time.
  • Invoicing and income connection
  • Tracking expenditure
  • Client accounts management
  • Report production

Nanovise Hospitality Management System is software that helps the manager, managing hotel in making everyday activities smooth and accurate. It automates and controls the daily tasks of the hotel.

Nanovise Hospitality Management System is excellent for storing all the essential details about your guests in one place. And hotel can use this information for greeting the guests properly or offering them user-specific services and offers. This is beneficial for both the company and the hotel as it helps to boost guests’ loyalty and gain more profit. And the best part is it never delete any information automatically.



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