Risks and Impacts of Untreated Depression


For people who struggle with depression, their experiences are the same. They aren’t interested in anything, finding difficult to get out of bed, won’t be able to focus on anything, and can’t even think about getting help. Perhaps always exhausted. In fact, taking the first step to feeling better is impossible for many. A study shows that people who deal with depression don’t receive the help they needed and only a third of patients are taking antidepressants and therapies.

Dealing with depression can be quite overwhelming, and it can make things worse if it’s left untreated. Depression can negatively impact your life in many ways and leads to death if not addressed at the right time. Knowing and understanding the risks associated with untreated depression can help make informed decisions.

Relationship Trouble

Depression can stress your relationship with your spouse, family, friends, and children. As a result, it can lead to breakups, miscommunication, and divorce. Remember, depression has a profound impact not only on you but also on the people around you who care about and interact with you. In short, it will affect the quality of life for you and the people around you. It’s better to deal and get it treated than being sorry later on. There are many treatments for treating depression, including therapies, counselling, and antidepressants. Even when these treatments fail, tms treatment Castle Hill can help come out of your expression successfully.

Reduced Productivity

Depression can demotivate you and reduce your concentration. You might not be able to focus on your work, perform usual tasks, and attend meetings. This usually happens when depressive symptoms increase, productivity decreases. It can have a significant impact your job. In fact, depression can cost more than $50 billion in lost productivity and absenteeism. You wouldn’t want to lose your job.

Substance Abuse

Depression and drug and alcohol dependency go hand in hand. Some even abuse drugs and alcohol to combat their depression. People who abuse drugs or alcohol are likely to become depressed and they tend to use it to cope up with their feelings. Millions of Australians have experienced both mental disorders and substance abuse disorders parallel. The treatment first involves detoxification and withdrawal and then treating the underlying mental health condition.


Do you know there’s a link between suicide and depression? Unfortunately, suicide has claimed the lives of many Aussies. However, most people who are depressed won’t think of ending their life. Even if they think so, only a few of them do it. If you are having suicidal thoughts, please speak to your doctor.

As you see, untreated depression can impact you in many ways. Finding the right treatment for depression is the key to feeling better. It could be treated in a number of ways. If medications and therapies have failed you, tms Castle Hill can help you. For further queries on TMS therapy or schedule an appointment with our team, please call our tms clinic Castle Hill.

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