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Slots are such a growing industry that they need a separate page just for new casino games. Above, we have ranked the best slots that have been released in recent times and it will be updated as new and better slots are added to online Google pay casinos throughout the year.

We’re excited to see if a brand new feature is introduced or if a slot comes with a gameplay we haven’t seen before.

We have set a percentage for games, which is our ranking of the games you find on the page. The higher the percentage, the better the slot machine. Some of them are feature rich and interesting, while others have earned their place on the page thanks to really good graphics and gameplay.


There are more casino games than just slots, but the slot machine is at the heart of this whole big casino industry. There are many more people who play roulette, blackjack, baccarat and above all live casino, but this cannot be compared to how many people play roving machines.

One of the reasons is probably the great variety that you get when playing slots. Board games in all their glory, but they remain virtually the same from year to year. The slots feature a game every week that is different from anything we’ve seen before. A new adventure awaits behind every new slot.


The first thing we expect from a new slot machine is beautiful graphics. Today, we have advanced so far in technology that nice graphics are the least we can hope for. However, this is only the first step of what we expect.

We want the castle to have a clear theme that increases the fun beyond the spinning wheel. Some slots have themes that we recognize, and it could be a famous movie or a rock band, while other slots have fictional themes.

In addition, I would like at least three interesting features. Most have a free spins round, but we also want the bonus game, unless it’s a very interesting free spins round. In addition to this, you will also be able to get some extra features during the base game, which can bring in significant profits.

There are a few requirements that we have to call a good slot machine, but in the highly competitive environment that game providers live in, this is just the class they get away with.


The fact that there are several good game providers gives us the wide variety of slots available at online casinos today. Most of the casino games available at online casinos with a Swedish gaming license come from Swedish game providers.

Today, there is a core of a dozen Swedish game providers who provide online casino quality on a monthly basis. These providers today are multi-million dollar companies, and in some cases billions, so there are good reasons to be a successful casino game provider, and that is why development is so fast and new games hit the market so often.

All of these companies have popular new slots on the market. Some, of course, are more numerous than others, but together they are the perfect mix of casino games on the market.

If you play at a good online casino, it is a guarantee that it cooperates with at least a few of the above providers, if not all of them.


Unlike table games, there is nothing you can do to influence the outcome of a slot game. After choosing a slot machine and setting a bet, everything depends on luck. A winning slots player is a happy slots player.

However, you can influence which slots you choose to play. Some of them have a higher RTP (payback) than other slots. RTP is calculated as a percentage, and the percentage shows how much is paid out to the player on average in a particular slot. When you play certain slots, next to the playing field it says what kind of Return To Player (RTP) the slot has, and on some you need to go and read information about it to get an answer. It is normal that about 96% is returned to the player. Scroll down to our Top 10 Highest Odds of Winning Slots to see which slots have the highest RTP.

Some slots also have higher variance than others. The higher the variance, the more you risk. High variance slots pay out wins less often, but instead give out very high wins from time to time. You can find the games with the highest max win in our Top 21 Slots with the highest max win.

There are no strategies or tricks that will make you win at slots. The only thing you can influence is the choice of RTP and variance of the slots you want to play on, the rest is entirely up to luck.

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