Rockstar Studios Undergoing Development For Multiple Gaming Titles

With the massive success of Red Dead Redemption 2, gamers have been wondering as to what mega-hit is Rockstar Studios planning for.

Many have been wondering what the awesome studio behind the well know GTA series may be undergoing with development for a single title, but to a surprise, an employee at the Rockstar studios have indirectly hinted at the development of multiple unknown titles.

A Reddit user with handle name fika122 posted a report which consisted of details regarding an animator who has been a crucial member at the Rockstar and has tremendously helped in the development of Red Dead Redemption 2.

The post by fika122 on Reddit suggested that Mr. Karanwal who is currently appointed as Senior animator no multiple projects is hinting that soon Rockstar studios will come out with new titles and fans will not have to wait for long to explore the possibility of new games within few months.

The post further went on for calming that the new underdevelopment titles would be accessible on various gaming consoles ranging from Xbox to Nintendo Switch and PS4.

More likely another speculation is immensely boasting that the new PlayStation 5 would feature a new GTA 6 title which would provide players with whole new dimensions and possibilities in the GTA world. Players will be able to experience the in-game proceedings in actual real life, and it would be considerably hard to figure out the difference between reality and the in-game universe.

It is still a theory which can have some weight to it, but an essential thing to underline is the fact that the post on Reddit did not specify even a single name of a game which underdevelopment. But various previous speculations can be reviewed to ascertain some predictions as to which titles could be actually seen in the upcoming future.

Although no confirmed information is available as to what will the new underdevelopment titles be named, still players can be somewhat assured of two said games which Rockstar studios would soon reveal for its fans.

The first is the Grand Theft Auto 6 which is supposedly a PlayStation 5 exclusive and gamers would be able to experience the wild GTA title in the streets of Vice City which is prominently every 90’s gaming fan dream come true.

Players will be thrilled to experience one of the best mergers of two ultra refined titles, and it would be quite interesting to experience the exclusive new product. It was inevitable for Rockstar studios to come up with Grand Theft Auto 6 as the GTA 5 was the highest grossing titles of all times and surely the studio would like to avail their fans with much more exciting content in the new GTA 6.

The second hinted title which may be under development at Rockstar studios is the Bully 2. Bully 2 title has been indicated months earlier, and it is still rumored to be the second title under development at Rockstar studio. Bully 2 is considered a small title and would require some fewer resources to develop, so it could be a possibility that Bully 2 could be underdevelopment while GTA 6 is under development.

Interestingly enough, the said date for both the titles is rumored to be fixed for 2020, and most likely PlayStation 5 would also be out by that time, so it is quite likely to witness the new gaming console, and upcoming new titles could be an extra add on for the console.

Still, it is yet not confirmed as to if there is any hidden collaboration between Rockstar and Sony, but most likely the new GTA 6 would be available for all the platforms. Let’s see if the studios are also looking forward to developing any other tile in inclusion to the know two probable hits.

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