Roku ultra setup


Is Roku ultra compatible with my TV?

Roku is known for the diverse product lineup it manufactures. In short, there is a product for everyone. You have your lower-end models like express and higher-end sleek devices like Roku TV and Roku ultra. Roku ultra falls toward the higher end spectrum, where you get a lot of features along with the package but have to cough up a few extra bucks to get them. Roku Ultra, as the name says, is ultra in every aspect of the device. It has 4K ultra HD support, HDR support, and many other things like the voice-enabled remote, compatibility with the mobile application, and a lot more. Explore this article to find out if you should proceed with the Roku ultra setup.



Addressing the elephant in the room

Roku has a lot of features for sure, but should you proceed with the Roku ultra setup? Your Roku ultra is compatible with every TV out there that supports the HDMI connection. But there is a catch. You can stream the contents on 4K UHD quality only in some of them.

TVs that support HDMI 2.0 along with HDCP 2.2 are the ones that are capable of streaming the contents in 4K UHD. This is a must hardware spec if you are planning to do a Roku ultra setup in your home just for the ultra HD streaming quality.

The ultimate selling point of the Roku ultra is at the streaming quality; everything else works the same. There could be a few other perks like point anywhere remote compatibility, private listening, etc. but the performance is more or less the same comparing with the other devices.

If you are planning to proceed with the Roku ultra setup, just to put your TV for better use, then it’s worth considering the upgrade. But if you are having an older TV and do not have any plans for a higher-end spec TV in the near future, think twice before completing the Roku ultra setup.

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