Role of Kerrapro Pads in Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Pressure ulcers in at-risk patients require effective and easy ways to prevent them. Using KerraPro pads is one way to protect the skin from pressure ulcers. These pads come in various shapes and can be cut to size when necessary. They are made of 100 per cent silicone to effectively minimise pressure damage to bony areas and relieve pressure from ulcerated regions. They are also practical for preventing medical devices from causing pressure damage to the skin.

About pressure ulcers

A pressure ulcer is localised tissue damage occurring in the area where the skin is constantly in contact with a surface, such as a chair, bed, or another part of the body. Too much pressure can accumulate and deform soft tissues and skin, resulting in distorted cells, reduced blood flow and oxygen, and skin breakdown.

Anyone can get pressure ulcers, but seriously ill individuals with inadequate nutrition, lack of mobility, a deformity, or poor posture are more at risk. Pressure ulcer care is intensive and costly. So healthcare providers recommend preventative measures, such as using KerraPro pads to relieve pressure and protect the skin from damage.

Benefits for at-risk patients

KerraPro pads redistribute pressure and dissipate it to protect the skin on bony areas and minimise early pressure damage, making them cost-effective for preventing ulcers. They are easy to use, even by non-clinicians such as patients and caregivers. The pads are flexible and used in various areas. They are non-adhesive, so they are easy to clean. They are washable but can be autoclaved at 121 degrees Celsius.

When to use

Use KerraPro pads on intact skin, especially where pressure ulcers are likely to occur. You may apply them where category I pressure ulcers are already present. You can also use the pads with other pressure-relieving solutions, but be sure to closely monitor the site as some devices may interfere with their properties, resulting in excessive moisture, friction, or minimal pressure relief.

The pads are removable, so you can regularly examine the affected area for signs of pressure ulcers. Avoid using KerraPro pads as a wound dressing, and don’t apply them on broken skin.

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