Roles of sub-brokers

You may need to invest in the capital market through a sub-broker, who is a professional to help you navigate your ways through the equity market. Sub-brokers are the individuals who serve as the contact point for managing the whole investment process between investors and stockbrokers. They suit your investment needs with the best offers available to help you maximize your income.

Who are sub-brokers?

Under the stockbrokers, sub-brokers engage in expanding investment facilities to investors.  Sub-broker functions include purchasing, selling, and dealing with securities and helping stockbrokers increase their volume of business.

They build up the stockbroker’s market book by bringing in new buyers and helping the current customers to reinvest. Their role also includes assisting investors with the investment by doing the transactions physically, guiding clients with investment advice, and extending after-sales services to them. But sub-brokers are not registered directly with the exchange. Therefore they work under stockbroking houses, creating for them a sub-broker business model.

Sub-broking is a rewarding career that allows you to function as a businessman. You can unleash massive earnings opportunities for yourself with commitment and hard work.

Role of sub broker

Sub-brokers are expected to carry out numerous roles at different frontiers. This can be listed on the stock exchange, with a stockbroker, and with investors under sub-broker positions.

With the stock exchange

A sub-broker’s primary role after receiving the franchise is to offer customers useful stock exchange tips and help them make better investment decisions. So a sub-broker’s primary function concerning the stock exchange is to maximise deals in his area.

With stockbroker

Sub-brokers work under the stockbroker brand and need to carry out a list of duties towards the broking house that appoints him. A sub-broker business includes:

  • Business development: A sub-broker ‘s primary function under the banner of stockbroker is to help them optimize dealings in his field. By attracting a large number of investors interested in investing in shares and commodities, he is responsible for growing the market volume.
  • Maintain the quality: Sub-brokers are gatekeepers whose primary role is to prevent investors from submitting false documents to the stockbroker and uphold capital market integrity.
  • Maintain transparency: The sub-broker works closely with the stockbroker to maintain and index all documents about each transaction that passes the table. They work in the interest of the client concerning dividends, bonus rights, shares, and other assets. They also need to help the stockbroker replace documents that are marked as bad. They must notify stockbrokers on all of their clients’ transactions and send sales notices on behalf of the broking house to them.

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