Rooftop Proposal Dubai

Akshay contacted us all the way from New York. He was coming to Dubai on holiday with his girlfriend Vidhya and wanted to propose whilst he was here.

Whilst on holiday, they were staying at the amazing Al Qasr Hotel and he originally wanted to propose over a romantic dinner on the beach overlooking the Burj Al Arab- the most luxurious hotel in the World. Rooftop Proposal Dubai

However, August in Dubai is so hot and humid and we thought that the couple would be just too uncomfortable on the beach, so the team suggested an alternative for him that we hoped Vidhya would love.

As tourists, we knew that we wanted to give them an amazing view and the only thing more amazing than the Burj Al Arab, is the Burj Khalifa- the World’s tallest building.

This venue is the most romantic rooftop venue in the city. It is completely private, with unparalleled views of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai fountains. It is nestled between some of the most impressive buildings in Downtown Dubai and is big enough to fill with romantic proposal decoration, but not so big that our couple would look lost. It is an outdoor setting, so that the couple could get engaged next to the fountains, but could also nip into an adjoining lounge to take advantage of the air conditioning- perfection!

Once Akshay saw the photos, he immediately fell in love and knew that Vidhya would love the luxury, privacy and exclusive views.

So after several top-secret phone calls, emails and WhatsApp messages, we started to put a plan together that would provide Vidhya with the proposal that she deserved.

The couple were in a long-distance relationship, with one from New York and the other living in Toronto. With our graphic designer, we created a map of their love that we displayed on a large easel that she would see when she first stepped out onto the terrace. Dubai Proposal

We then rolled out a red carpet, filled the area with candles and then added the ultimate WOW with large 1meter high, light up ‘Marry Me’ letters.

Once everything was perfect and the proposal photographer was in place, we then brought the couple up to the rooftop.

Vidhya was blown away with the sight before her and Akshay proposed with a backdrop of the Dubai Fountains- sooo romantic.

They were then joined by her Mum and Dad and Akshay’s parents who had flown in all the way from Canada and New York to surprise them and wish them congratulations- pretty impressive right?

The couple then enjoyed champagne whilst watching the city skyline, before heading to a nearby restaurant to enjoy a romantic dinner.

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