7 Birthday Roses in a White Round Box

rose flower- 7 Birthday Roses in a White Round Box

Here at Cosmea Gardens, you can always find beautiful flowers, gifts, and bouquets to send for birthday celebrations. Delivered by love and full safety, every birthday rose flower bouquet is not just a gift but a wonderful experience. Send flowers for birthday parties in various styles with curled ribbons, cup gifts, teddy bears, and balloon decorations. Each birthday delivery we plan is kindly arranged with care for the person you want to send to. While sending birthday flowers, you can even send an additional gift also. You can decide to send a happy birthday rose flower along with teddy bears, chocolate, or balloons at the time of delivery. It’s a simple way to design your arrangement. Here are the ideas for a magnificent rose flower bouquet in a white round box with some small surprises to gift it on birthdays. 

Dramatic Blend

Make a surprisingly rich gift of your love and concern by sending these mixed roses selected right from the gardens. In this box, you will find tasty handmade chocolates to go for a sweet surprise. Bring life to all their events with this charming gift. It is a perfect gift to send for events, especially birthdays.

Dark Pink Fantasy

Dream of making a special event with more celebration? I prefer The Dark Pink Treasure Square Bouquet Box to add elegance to any simple event. Our set of freshly chosen 30 dark pink roses in a beautiful white box tied with a black ribbon around it.

Engaging Charm

When words fail to show your emotions, say it with rose flower. Roses being the most chosen option globally, this engaging box full of fresh and aromatic roses will fill every moment with joyful times to enjoy and love. Add a nip of sweetness and make your loved ones smile.

Vibrant Red Roses Delight

Suppose you are looking for a vibrant, charming, and elegant gift. Then this one is just for you. With these fresh and aromatic red roses placed in a royal white velvet box, you are obliged to create magical times and make it an unforgettable birthday for one and all. Add a taste of sweetness with handmade chocolates put inside the box.

Peaceful Presentation

Never undervalue the strength of flowers. This unique gift is surely a party mage no matter what time your loved ones plan to celebrate. Perfect gift for a loved one’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, and even for Mother’s Day. Delightful handmade chocolates are secretly kept in the box for an ideal surprise.

Square Box Yellow Collection

Add style to a special person’s special day by buying a Special Yellow Rose flower Square Box Bouquet to be given to them. Find this bunch of 30 yellow roses in a rich shade white box tied with a black ribbon and have your gifting promises fixed easily.

Tantalizing Ferrero Roses

Tantalizing Ferrero Roses are a pretty gift, and at the same time, a delightful arrangement of roses and Ferrero chocolates. The box carries 12 Red Roses and 12 Ferrero Rocher Chocolate sorting in White Box. This flower arrangement and chocolates will surely amaze your loved ones, and you will earn a heartening love.


Therefore, at cosmea gardens, we have rose flower bouquets and gifts and pleasant varieties of flowers to gift to your loved ones. It’s time to explore rich and elegant gifts and bouquets obtainable at us. Make orders for your special ones, and we assure you that we will make your every moment and occasion memorable. 

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