Rsgoldfast – He will automatically drop some chewed bones

The vyreguard is essentially a tougher version of rs 3 gold this vyrewatch, but the Drakan Lord may use a ranged attack with bats (it is weak however ), and Blood Rush (this is only a couple times during the battle, so don’t worry). The Barrows Brothers would undoubtedly be an advantage, but they might go after you, so you’ve got to place yourself right, lest you face a souped up Dharock (who for all you Barrows players is WAY deadlier than that weakling Kharil). And for some reason, the Barrows Brothers will not need an Ivandis Flail. Their boss’s work without doubt.

Next, Azzanadra appears. He tells you that the Zamorakian mahjarrat are growing stronger, but he understands of a historical weapon that could defeat themthe Godsword. During the God Wars, several Zarosians built a headquarters below the dungeon in which the Godsword was scrapped over. This is fundamentally a 5th God Wars Dungeon base.

Head back to the aviansie from the Eagle’s Peak Mountain. They’ll tell you that your soul is at risk after helping Azzanadra. Explain to them the positioning of Jaldroacht Pyramid, and they will issue orders to the Desert Eagle underneath them. Next, you will be advised that Azzanadra has to be planning to use the Vault of Souls to ressurect Zaros. Its location is unknown, but it would be in a cursed place.

You’re told the place is also underwater. Head to the Ancient Cavern, and try to start the Mithril Doors. You are thrown backward, and several spirits seem. Now, you must run. Proceed to the aviansie and they’ll be at a loss for words. Go to the Oracle, and she will shriek if she discovers you went there. She’ll tell you that only a legend that wielded an elemental power, and has been the master of his own mind and body, ever escaped from the vault of souls. The Oracle will then mention that although he escaped the vault, he never left the Ancient Cave.

He will automatically drop some chewed bones. If nothing happens, talk to Otto Godblessed relating to it. He will indicate a potion to help. Create a rest potion out of soul weed and snape bud. Use it on your pyre boat, light it, and also a spirit will appear and buy rs07 fire cape give you a key.

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