Massages with happy endings are one of the best and sweetest inventions! Just imagine lying down nude on a bed as your masseur massages and pounds every inch of your oiled body, fully relaxing and soothing you, before grabbing your member and giving it such a tugging that it releases gallons of cum juices in seconds! There’s a site that appears to provide such massages that goes by the name of RubRatings. Come with us as we give it a thorough full service review.

Rub And Plunder!

There’s a slick homepage at RubRatings that advertises its purpose of being to the fullest. The main tabs are located at the top right of the page and consist of the Cities, Info and Connect tabs.

The first of these tabs direct you to all the cities in the U.S. that RubRatings offers its services. The Info tabs have tips for both the massage seeker and provider, including the process of making payment via Bitcoin, while the Connect tab lets you check out the sites’ Twitter and Facebook presence.

The rest of the homepage has ads that are oriented towards making business owners sign up to RubRatings. Graphs and plenty of persuasive words are made available for this purpose.

The Rub In The Ratings

As of now, RubRatings can only be used to people who are resident in the U.S. If you live outside the states, you can look but not touch.

To begin, you need to click the Select Your City tab on the homepage. This shows a master list of most states and cities in the U.S.

Some cities only have a few massage providers, while others have dozens and hundreds. Atlanta, Georgia, for example, has a page filled to the brim and beyond with hotties who are ready to give your body all the loving it needs. Each of these babes has different skin colors and body shapes, plus a profile with sexy images and some biographical and other information.

One profile was of an ebony named Kia who states that she has over six years of experience and is ready to provide hands-on and stress-relieving massages. She’s busty too, with a wide smile we would love to stretch around our cock if that is at all possible.

Another profile showed a long-legged blonde named Darlene. She didn’t state her work experience, though that won’t matter cos all we will be needing her to do is to tug some sense into our stubborn cocks and possibly bite it almost in half!

No profile that we can see outrightly state that sexual services will be offered to clients. We are however willing to bet that is merely legality so that the site won’t fall afoul of prostitution laws.

A search bar is provided on each member and city page and can be used for searching for masseurs of a specific type.

What We Think

Rub Ratings has a few thousand babes in the U.S. offering massages and various unstated erotic and hardcore services. It employs a great site design that is foolproof and can be checked out for free without signing up. Overall, it looks nice and has some great-looking babes we would love to rub and suck away our sorrows!

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