Run-flat Tyres And Everything You Should Know About Them

The tyre industry has come up with several tyre types. The days when you got stranded in the middle of the night and had to look for a towing company are gone. The tyre industry has incorporated technology and improvised, bringing forward run-flat car tyres gaining popularity day by day.

Run-flat car tyres offer you a break from frequent car tyre punctures as you get to drive to the nearest mechanic even with a hole in your tyre. This is because you can drive up to 50 miles and sometimes more depending on your speed which should be within the range of 30-50mph. If still unaware of run-flat vehicle tyres and what they can do for you, here is a detailed guide for your ease of understanding.

The Working Principle Behind Run-Flat Car Tyres

The working principle of run flat tyres Fareham is quite a simple one. Usually, with a puncture, the sidewalls become soft and weak and cannot handle the car’s load anymore; the opposite happens with run-flat car tyres. The sidewalls are stiff in this case so that even after the tyre gets punctured, it can hold the weight of the car.

However, tyre dealers and experts would recommend that you do not drive beyond the maximum miles recommended. Instead, seek professional help as soon as possible to solve the issue, whether temporarily or with new bought tyres.

Why Go For Run-flat Vehicle Tyres?

  • Punctures cause the air to leave the tyres pretty fast in terms of other normal tyres. However, run-flat ones will help you hold on to the air for a certain distance until you are safe enough to seek help. Your tyre owner manual will have information on how much distance the car sidewalls can endure.
  • Even the smallest of sharp objects can cause tyre blowouts. Run-flat car tyres are made of stiff compound which can maintain stability longer than the normal tyres. This ensures that you have total control and great handling ability while driving.
  • Run-flat car tyres can easily fit trunks. They help in saving space when you do not have to store several tyre replacing tools. A little bit on the heavier side because of their stiff sidewalls, the added weight is negligible.

How To Figure Out If The Tyre Is Punctured With Run-Flat Vehicle Tyres?

Many car owners have a question: how to figure out with run-flat car tyres that there is a puncture? Cars that are compatible with this kind of tyres should be installed with air pressure monitoring units. This monitoring unit will indicate when the air pressure is too low

Without such a device, as run-flat tyres can perform even with a puncture, it could get difficult to detect one. So instead, you get a warning on your car’s central console so that you can take immediate steps.

Can Run-Flat Car Tyres Be Repaired?

Run-flat car tyres are one-time usable tyres. The structural integrity of run-flat car tyres gets destroyed after a puncture making them unsuitable even if you wish to repair them. This is a drawback compared to conventional tyres that you can repair for a second time and use them. Rather than repair a puncture, as run-flat car tyres can be expensive, invest in a new one.

For How Long Can Run-Flat Vehicle Tyres Last?

Run-flat car tyres Fareham can last as long as conventional ones are manufactured using the same rubber compound. It is important to maintain run-flat car tyres, too, with frequent inspections. It has been observed that due to a stiff sidewall, run-flat tyres can wear out faster at times.

When looking for run-flat car tyres, it could get expensive as only certain car models are compatible with them, and sometimes, they are difficult to procure. Look for reputable car tyre dealers who can offer you after-sale services. First, determine whether you truly require run-flat tyres or not, as they can cost a small fortune.

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