Rungu Dualie

Rungu Dualie – Getting to your hunting positions without being noticed is undoubtedly one of the many challenges of the sport.  Moving to your duck or deer stand without making much noise and without leaving a trace of smell is extremely vital.  Although walking to the resort is an excellent choice, carrying all the equipment with you can be really problematic.

Rungu Dualie

The Rungu Dualie has the last word in all-terrain cars! The Rungu Dualie will take you up steep trails, through snow, mud and soft sand. Everywhere. In any season. The NEW Rungu Dualie goes where others can’t – If your Rungu Dualie doesn’t beat the high ground of abnormal two-wheelers, buy again! Like all products, it is designed

rungu dualie


With the patented dual wheel, the dual suspension can dominate any terrain. Even soft sand or snow won’t wash away in any way the way it would with a single entry wheel. Stronger and safer than a daily grease tire and lighter and more agile than an ATV, the Rungu Dualie is the best in the world. Another great, usually overlooked benefit that you get simply by going down and not needing a stand, it just stays there ready for the ride ahead!

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