Running Samsung Galaxy Apps on Your PC Now Possible

Samsung has collaborated with Microsoft to create a My Phone client app that helps users connect their high-end Samsung Galaxy devices with their PCs. Previously it was declared that the My Phone app is getting an update after which Samsung device users will be able to run Android apps directly in their computers. But the feature was made available just for beta testing to a limited number of users. Now Samsung has finally declared the stable release of the My Phone app update, after which all high-end Samsung Galaxy devices are likely to support the client app for running Android apps in PCs. The app results from an interesting collaboration between Samsung and Microsoft for providing a more seamless experience to the users.

The big announcement about the update was made on a blog post by Windows. All the beta features that the users had previously got to test are being carried over to the main update. Samsung users will now be able to pin their favorite or most used Android apps to the taskbar in their Windows PCs. You can also choose to display notification badges for the notifications in your Android applications.

In the blog post, Microsoft has explained what you need to make use of this new feature. It has been mentioned that users with the older version of Windows 10 will also be able to use the new update; however, it is recommended that the users update their Windows to the latest version. Users can download the My Phone app on their computers and link their Android devices seamlessly. It is a prerequisite for the Android phone to be running in an Android version above 9.0 with an integrated feature for linking to Windows. While linking the phone with the Windows computer, users need to make sure that they are using the same Wi-Fi network in both the devices. Microsoft has explicitly mentioned that the update will be available only in selected Android devices. As of now, the feature is made available only in high-end Samsung Galaxy devices that have the Windows linking feature integrated within them. Users can check out the full list of phones that support this feature as of now by heading over to the official Microsoft Support website. The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the S20 are among the phones that will get to use this feature.

It is no surprise that Samsung and Microsoft are working in close collaboration as it was evident in Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event. It is worth noting that there is a possibility that you own one of these high-end Samsung devices but still not get this update. Microsoft has stated that the updates are scheduled to roll out in a gradual manner. It will eventually roll out to all of the mentioned devices. If you haven’t got this update yet, you will probably need to wait a bit longer to taste the new functionality.

Getting More From Your Device

The ability to link your smartphone with Windows for sharing applications between the platforms is only possible in Samsung devices; however, it is quite possible that in the near future, the update rolls out in other manufacturers’ devices. Only time will tell when the other brands will be able to use this feature. There is no official announcement being made by Microsoft about launching the companion app for other smartphone makers. However, there was mentioned that Microsoft is working with Samsung to develop the Windows integration feature for other manufacturers as well. It is a sure shot that this feature is most likely to be made available in other devices, we’re expecting this to happen by the end of this year.

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