SaaS-Software as a Service.

Software as a Service is referred to as SaaS. Typically, a SaaS hosts a programme and makes it accessible to users online.

This implies that the user uses the software remotely while it is hosted on a server by a SaaS provider.

The servers, databases, and software necessary for the programme to be accessed online by web browsers are maintained by a SaaS provider. Almost any device can be used to access the software by users.

SaaS users frequently pay a monthly membership fee to access the application. The amount of data that needs to be saved, the number of users who will access the programme, or the quality of technical assistance required are some of the factors that influence subscription prices.

Types of SaaS Companies

There are different types of SaaS companies for different business functions.

  • Customer resource management (CRM) — These applications allow SaaS customers to manage customer information and track sales through their pipeline.
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) — This is a system of many SaaS applications most suited for big organizations
  • Accounting and invoicing — Some SaaS companies focus on billing and invoicing services. Others offer a full range of financial tracking and reporting services.
  • Project management — Software can help collaborators communicate and stay on track.
  • Web hosting and e-commerce —  Remote servers can handle everything a business needs in its online presence.
  • Human resources — SaaS companies can offer tools to track employee hours, manage payroll, schedule and manage the hiring process.
  • Data management — SaaS products can help analyze and secure a company’s data.

List of the best Saas companies in India are

  1. Troop Messenger 
  2. MailTrim
  3. Clap Messenger
  4. Click2Magic
  5. TimeDynamo
  6. Zoho
  7. Agile CRM
  8. Chargebee 
  9. Ziplr
  10. FourKites
  11. Kloud Connectors
  12. Talview
  13. Freshworks 
  14. VTION 
  15. Playtonia
  16. Hippo Video
  17. KlentySoft Inc
  18. Paperflite 
  19. Qubole
  20. Unbxd 

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