Safe and Effective Prenatal Yoga at Home

If you’re feeling stiff, weak, or low-energy, you might be thinking of doing some prenatal yoga. Maybe you’ve searched on youtube for some videos, or looked for a yoga site with some prenatal videos. But how do you know what’s safe for you and baby?

Live prenatal yoga online with skilled teachers is a silver lining of Covid that we in the Ma Yoga Living community feel super grateful for. On Zoom we can see you doing your yoga, and give you customized adjustments to make sure your yoga is safe and effective for both you and baby.

You’ll get help making sure you’re not pressing belly forward, increasing risk of splitting your abdominal wall (diastasis recti). You’ll learn how to avoid hyperextending your joints, creating vulnerability and injury. You’ll practice safely strengthening your core. And you’ll clearly understand how to open baby’s passageway into optimal positioning, and into the pelvis.

Ma Yoga® teachers have been teaching at more than ten location in Southern California for decades, and are not only trained doulas, postpartum and parenting professionals, but also pregnancy alignment specialists.

The most established prenatal yoga school in the US, Ma Yoga® for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond moved its entire schedule of prenatal yoga classes online in March, 2020. More than 18,000 women have come through our classes and received the life-changing guidance and support of Ma Yoga® teachers.

Is a unique method of prenatal and mom and baby yoga that is:

· honed down to the most essential elements for busy people

· easy to access and hop in to

· strengthening for your core and muscles

· stabilizing for your joints

· therapeutic for your aches and pains

· grounding and calming for your energy

· calming for your mind

· opening for your heart

· great preparation for labor if you’re pregnant

· healing if you’re a new mom

· supportive so you leave feeling nurtured and energized

We make it really easy to take prenatal yoga classes with us! Your first class is free. Messy houses and moods are fine. You’re on mute during class so you don’t have to worry about noises or distractions. Come as you are, do what you can, and plan on leaving feeling amazing.

Just find some space for a mat on the floor in front of a tablet or laptop, click the Zoom link, and you’re in. First, you can chat with the teacher and let her know what’s coming up for you right now so she can help you.

Then, you’ll be guided through breathing, meditation, movement and alignment actions that will help you open, strengthen, release tension and pain and make space for baby in body, mind and heart.

Our prenatal yoga classes are adjusted for whoever shows up, so we offer lots of variations. Whether you’re a beginner or a teacher, you will enjoy a challenging, sweet practice.

Quick book your first FREE prenatal yoga class so you can do safe, effective prenatal yoga in your own living room. Even if you aren’t into yogi, we’re pretty sure you’ll love Ma Yoga.

If you have any questions about prenatal yoga or postpartum wellness, please reach out at

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