Safety Travel Tips For Female Travellers During An International Tour

Although the world is now more open and unbiased when it comes to gender equality but the fact is still woman travellers face more challenges and danger than a man. If you are a woman and willing to go on an international tour packages from Dubai without any male companion, then here are our tips to ensure your safety.

Choose a Smaller Hotel

Even if you can afford to book your room in a reputed and humongous hotel, we will strictly advice you to do the opposite. The smaller is your hotel, better it is. In a small hotel or resort, staffs will get familiar with your face easily. This develops a personal bonding between you and the staffs. In case of any emergency, you can ask them without any hesitation. Getting over-friendly with hotel staffs is not a good idea but always show a friendly approach towards them. Tour operators in Dubai can suggest you the right kind of hotel accommodation to cater your travel requirements.


Dress Like Local Women

Many people may raise their eyebrows on this debatable advice but dressing like local people actually helps you to escape the spotlight. When you are in a different country and wearing something which is completely different from their; it establishes you as an “outsider” instantly. Local scammers usually targets foreign travellers and dressing like local women will make you little invisible to them. Blending with local people is the best way not to attract special attention.


Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Doesn’t matter whether you are on an international travel vacation or weekend trip, drinking sensibly comes with loads of benefits. When you consume alcohol, it starts to dull your senses and also slows down your response time. The more you drink, the more you make yourself vulnerable to others. You better cut down the amount of alcohol you usually consume while vacationing in a foreign land. Stay alert and stay safe.


Dress Modestly

Dressing modestly is a common advice for woman travellers particularly when they are travelling alone. Islamic countries from Middle East along with Southeast Asian countries sport conservative mind-set and they are not very comfortable to see women in scanty dresses. There is absolutely no problem to flaunt your style but do that in a judicious manner. Don’t flash too much skin in public places. Before entering a temple or holy place, always cover your head with a scarf as a sign of respect. Cotton is the best material to wear in tropical countries as humidity index usually remains at the higher side of scale.


Know Your Destinations

Before finalising your international trip, you should enquire about the destinations thoroughly. We will advise you to choose the reputed and best travel agency in Dubai as they will surely help you to gather valuable travel information regarding the destinations. Travel agents can also offer you with many useful and handy safety tips that you never find on any travel guidebook or online website.

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