Sale for Matchbox Holder and Sheva Brachot Cups Sale in Israel

Matchbox holder for Lighting Shabbat candles and Sheva Brachot Cups both are used for blessings and pray to God for healthy and wealthy life. Now days, apply the matchbox for lighting Shabbat candles but you can buy it from anywhere. Because the sale is also applicable online.

So you can Israel special item and that too on Sale, how is its amazing. Let’s know the importance of both things in Israel.

Matchbox Holder for Lighting Shabbat Candles

Lighting candles on Shabbat nights and pray to god for family especially for kid’s bright future, and of course family well-being. Only women’s lighting the Shabbat candles and after lighting the candles she can’t blow out the matchstick but yes can drop it somewhere safe place like on metal tray on which candle stand are kept and blow its own and there is no custom to blow out the candles.

Shabbat is one of weekly festival of Jewish family, Shabbat begins on Friday evening and end on Saturday evening. Even the Shabbat begins when ladies of family kindle the candles. There is a custom of lighting two candles but women kindle extra candle for excellence future of their children.

After kindle the candle women wave the hands around the candle, cover their eyes and bless say “Amin”.

Still, you listen about the different candle stand unique, traditional look, metal, gold finish, but today we are talking about matchbox holder which is available on it is site Israel.

On this site Matchbox holder for Lighting Shabbat candles is on sale for getting attractive matchbox holder and on discounted price. Even if you visit you will get to look

Sheva Brachot Cups in Sale

Now we are tell you about Sheva Brachot cup sheva Brachot (seven blessings) cup is a set of three pieces it is used as a blessing cups after the wedding meal in Jewish family the wedding custom continue till seven days and in seven days neither husband go to work nor wife and each day recite a blessing during the time of blessing final blessing recite on glass of wine there is a very special custom and who will prayer of blessing for bride and groom he can take meal but except water and salt.

After said the blessing pour wine in two glasses and then pour some amount in to another empty glass from glass then back to pour some amount and after that bride, groom and the person who said the blessings have drinks.

So as we get to know that how special moment is that ShevaBrachot Cups set for sale in Israel and this Cup you are getting in sale or discounted price from direct Israel while sitting at home opens the on your Google and order and antique piece of Sheva Brachot cups at your home or can say real wine glasses.

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