Salient Aspects of Direct MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

Students who fail to crack the NEET but don’t want to waste academic years, at the same time want to study MBBS, seek direct MBBS admission in Bangladesh.


Are you an MBBS aspirant? Then you must be preparing for competitive examinations like NEET. Many coaching centers help you to prepare for NEET. In this context, it is relevant to say that annually, a million participate in competitive exams like NEET and very few get selected to study MBBS in the various government as well as private medical colleges in the country. The number of seats for studying medicine is very limited in India. Therefore, those students who fail to crack the NEET but don’t want to waste academic years and at the same time want to study MBBS, seek direct MBBS admission in Bangladesh. There are few academic counseling businesses in India like Edvisor that helps students to get admitted to top medical colleges in Bangladesh.

Why Bangladesh is an Attractive Destination for Medical Aspirants?

In recent times, more and more young people from India go to Bangladesh as part of educational tourism. Many of them are MBBS aspirants. They visit Bangladesh and seek admission to some of the top medical colleges in that country. Bangladesh is an attractive destination for medical aspirants because of the following:-

Firstly, Bangladesh has an appreciable network of universities and medical colleges. This makes the study of medicine easier for those who venture for direct MBS admission in Bangladesh. The private medical colleges are registered with the top universities in Bangladesh.

Secondly, Bangladesh is a nation that is close to India. Bangladesh shares borders with India. Indian food is easily available in that country. Therefore, for students visiting the country to study MBBS, it becomes easy to live in that country.

Bangladesh is known to have high-quality teaching staff. The teacher-student ratio is appreciable. This makes the country a lucrative destination for foreign students, mostly MBBS aspirants.

Many foreign students from across the world visit Bangladesh to study medicine in its top medical colleges.

Some of the medical colleges, universities in Bangladesh are accredited by top foreign bodies like UNESCO, WHO, and MCI.

The medical colleges in Bangladesh offer opportunities to students to participate in workshops, seminars.

Facts about MBBS Study in Bangladesh

There are a few important facts as far as studying MBBS courses in Bangladesh is concerned. These are listed as follows:-

The duration of the MBBS course is usually 5 years in the various medical colleges, universities in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has very recently, introduced the FMGE or Foreign Medical Graduation Exam to test the skills and aptitude of foreign medical aspirants.

Eligibility Criteria for Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

The various eligibility criteria for studying MBBS in Bangladesh are listed as follows:-

  • For studying MBBS courses in Bangladesh, age is an important factor. For getting admission to MBBS degree courses the candidate must be 17 years of age.
  • The candidates must have secured at least 50% marks in the class 12 exams.
  • The primary subjects for the candidates seeking admission to MBBS degree colleges in Bangladesh are Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.
  • For Indian MBBS aspirants, the NEET scorecard does matter.
  • The candidate must have all required school certificates and mark sheets for admission to MBBS degree colleges in Bangladesh.

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