Sambuca – What You Should Know About this Unique Dinner Drink


If you are scouring the web to discover the ideal digestif after your meal, you should give Sambuca a try. This is a transparent Italian special digestivo liqueur made with anise. The distillate is based with oils from dill and anise. Other spices such as liquorice and elderflower may also be used in its preparation.

There are different varieties of sambuca in term of colour. There’s red sambuca in bright red colour, and black sambuca in deep blue colour. Another common variant is the colourless type called white sambuca. Here’s more about the drink explained by an expert chef from an Italian restaurant in Pyrmont.


The term sambuca initially belong to elderberry liquor created in Civitavecchia. The name derived from the Latin word ‘sambucus’, meaning elderberry. However, there’s a different argument that the name comes from ‘Zammut’, which is a popular Arabic drink imported via Civitavecchia. Sambuca’s etymology is quite debatable. Regardless, the liqueur we know today is said to be launched by Angelo Molinari in 1945.

Sambuca Fly:

Sambuca is served in different ways, but the Italian restaurant Pyrmont chef explains that it’s commonly served neat, topped with 3 toasted espresso beans. This is known as “con la mosca” (meaning ‘with the fly’). The origin of the Sambuca Fly is connected to an Italian legend. It’s a story mentioning three flies that were attracted by the smell of sambuca and disturbing an old lady and family as they try to drink. Ever since, the drink is served only after its lit and burned for a few seconds. The roasted beans represent the flies.

How to Make Sambuca?

To make your sambuca cocktail with a creamier texture, follow this recipe.

Ingredients Required:

-125ml (1/2 cup) freshly brewed espresso coffee, chilled

-125ml (1/2 cup) think cream

-2 tbsp white Sambuca

-2 tbsp coffee-flavoured liqueur (such as Kahlua)

-Ice cubes

Method of Preparation:

An energetic sambuca drink will be ready in just two steps:

-Add the ingredients such as coffee, cream, Sambuca, coffee liqueur and ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Shake them well to blend.

-Pour this mixture in glasses. Serve them immediately.

Does Sambuca Give Health Benefits?

Anise in sambuca is said to offer good health benefits, such as relief from pain and thirst, and improved breathing. As a digestif, it also aids in better digestion by reducing bloating and flatulence. Perfect after having a meal such as the best pizza in Pyrmont or any other food!

Sambuca also provides relief from convulsions, diarrhoea, and cramps. Anise in the drink is also effective in treating bronchitis, asthma, and coughs.

What’s the Best Food to Pair it with?

Serve the “con la mosca” after meal with a sweet and creamy Tiramisu. This dessert and drink combo is simply going to blow you away!

Some of the best pizza places in Pyrmont offer delicious Tiramisu, so make no second thought and place an online order right away.

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