Same Day Appointment for Tattoo at Phoenix’s Top Tattoo Shop!

If you want to get inked today, you’re in luck! At Urban Legends Tattoo, we offer same day appointments for tattoos to make your experience as easy and convenient as possible. Simply call our office with the information listed below and schedule your appointment today!


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No appointment needed

When you’re ready to get a tattoo, it can be difficult to find an artist available on short notice. However, no appointment needed really means no appointment needed. You don’t have to book weeks in advance or call ahead and wait for someone else to schedule your appointment. Just come on in and we will take care of you as soon as we are able. For your convenience, our artists work by appointment only—so even if you walk in unannounced, they are likely already working on another customer who made an appointment that morning or evening.



No walk-ins allowed

If you have a tattoo, it’s time to get rid of it. New research suggests people with tattoos are less attractive, less intelligent and more aggressive than their un-inked counterparts. A study in Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts asked participants to rate others on physical attractiveness and personality traits. Those with tattoos were judged as less physically attractive, had fewer dating opportunities and were more likely to be perceived as less intelligent than those without them. The risk of being seen as intelligent was doubled for women with tattoos compared to women without ink. Men had no such stigma: either way they were considered equally smart-looking by those in the study.

Can I get a tattoo today?

With our same day appointment tattoo service in Glendale, we will have you in and out with a new design in no time. We accept walk-ins and can get your tattoo started immediately. If you’re looking to schedule an appointment with our talented artists, then give us a call today to set up your free consultation or stop by our location on Glendale. With so many ways to customize your design, you won’t be able to wait any longer for a new look!

Who gets your same day appointments?

While appointments tend to be relatively easy to get, you can expect a bit of a wait on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s also fairly difficult to secure a same day appointment in July, as well as December (especially during Christmas). You have better luck securing these appointments if you call around 3pm during business hours, or 10:30am in non-busy season months. Most shops will try their best to accommodate you if they are not already booked with other clients. If your tattoo is more complicated than what one artist can complete within one sitting, it’s always good to let them know ahead of time so they can try their best to fit you in within a reasonable amount of time.

Which artists have same day appointments available?

If you’re in a rush to get your tattoo, you’ll want to call ahead and make sure your artist can work with you on such short notice. While many artists will be able to accommodate your request, it never hurts to ask about a same day appointment first thing when calling for an appointment. When scheduling, inquire about whether there are any same day appointments available and let them know that it is important you receive one if possible. It never hurts to ask what their schedule looks like too so that you have some backup options just in case they can’t give you exactly what you need.

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