Sample Scholarship Essay

How To Use A Sample Scholarship Essay
A sample scholarship essay can be used to understand how a competitive scholarship essay is to be written. Students may come across many samples, but understanding its content and how it applies to their project would be a problem unless they know what to look for. There are several parameters that decide a scholarship essay format. Also, content would differ for different topics. Academic results may not be sufficient to convince a scholarship panel about deserving candidates. Personal viewpoints and write on paper on related topics also matter. The scholarship paper may, in fact, be the deciding factor that separates deserving candidates from others. Some useful content to include would be an outline developed into a good descriptive resume. If the format is not specified, use headlines and bold fonts. A list of goals, skills, special knowledge, educational work experience, and personal motivational factors can also be included. Some relevant sample scholarship essays have been listed for better understanding.

Sample College Scholarship Essay
Teenagers belong to the most impressionable age group. Therefore, a common question asked of college students is “Who has been the most influential person in your life?” It would be easy to write a brief about an incident that made difference in a student’s life. However, the change should be positive and backed by evidence. For example, students may come across a mentor who changed their approach towards a particular subject. The result should be increased academic scores. Students struggling with paper writing skills may demonstrate drastic improvement through a changed approach initiated by an effective teacher. Influential persons that could be included in a wish list are historical leaders, scientists, teachers, social workers, doctors, lawyers, friends, or colleagues. It is important to have descriptive details of an event connecting it to the person.

Sample Nursing Scholarship Essays
A practical paper would project a candidate enrolled in a nursing program. The choice is already made, which naturally qualifies a candidate for the scholarship. However, other information such as interests in life should also be included. Some may like travelling. They can include events connected to helping others, initiated through a structured program within their travel plans. Motivation to help others can be further elaborated by listing out extracurricular activities including volunteer experiences. Academic excellence records should definitely be included. Students who work to pay for their own education can mention it, as it indicates a desirable level of determination and self reliance.

Sample Leadership Essay Questions
An MBA student is expected to be a future leader. Content on paper questions related to leadership should therefore be developed by referring to examples such as:

1. What is the most significant challenge or accomplishment, and how did it affect your life?
2. What are your long term-goals, and how do you expect to achieve them?
3. What qualities would you like to see flourish in yourself and why?

Basically, the sample scholarship essay needs to have a personal touch to it. Include a life-changing event in a way that projects unique writing skills and exhibits qualities required for a specific study program.

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