Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 to Respond to Hand Gestures

It is very difficult to answer calls sometimes when both your hands are busy. Suppose you are wearing your smartwatch and carrying some heavy baskets with both your hands, how would you pick up your call now? Well, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will make your life relatively easy.

A few days ago, Samsung released the Galaxy Buds Live Plugin app, showcasing some new features about the Galaxy Buds Live. Within a few hours after that, it also sent out the Galaxy Watch 3 Plugin app on Android and iOS. Though the apps did not reveal much, we unearthed a few resources and found out some exciting new features about Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

According to XDA, the plugin app of Galaxy Watch 3 shows support options for hand gestures, to answer calls. When someone calls, as usual, your watch will start ringing, and for answering the call, you simply have to clutch and relax your fist. To ignore the call, just shake your hand. Simple isn’t it.

According to sources, the watch will also consist of features like fall detection, just like in Apple Watch. In case the Galaxy Watch 3 inspects a fall, it will notify you by ringing for 60 seconds. If it gets no response, it will send your location along with 5-second audio to all your emergency contacts. The watch can also make an emergency call after the 60 seconds ring if you command it so.

The next fantastic feature is about screen capture. Screenshots are not a new feature on Galaxy smartwatches, but the change is in the way they were taken. Earlier, to click a screenshot, you would have to press and hold the button at the bottom and swipe left on your screen all at once until the screen clicks to take a screenshot. Now, you just have to press the buttons on both sides at once to take a screen capture.

Apart from all these, we also got to know about the built-in watch face choices that will be there in the unique Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Many of them will also be there in the default wallpapers of forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

Currently, Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy Watch 3 on the Samsung Unpacked event that will take place online on August 5. According to the sources, it will not be available for shipping for a few days or weeks. If we talk about other features, it will be a revamped version of the previous Galaxy Watches that is a bit smaller in size and has features like blood pressure and ECG monitoring.

These fantastic new features are tremendous improvements in Samsung’s smartwatch series, and people can surely hope for plenty of it to be disclosed with the launch of Watch 3 coming August. You can see the unboxing of Galaxy Watch 3 on Samsung’s YouTube channel. It is not upgraded from its previous versions, but the gesture support is quite handy and useful if you don’t want to miss calls anytime.

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