Samsung leads the trend of foldable smartphones Changing the global smartphone market

TM Roh, President of Mobile Experiences Samsung Electronics , reassured him during his visit to Indonesia and discussed the popularity of foldable smartphones in the global market. and also mentioned various trends in the smartphone market including businesses in Southeast Asia as well as the role of technology in shaping the future.

Unveiling the opportunities that come with foldable mobile phones
TM Roh , Business President, Mobile Experiences Samsung Electronics Emphasizing that foldable smartphones can dramatically transform the smartphone business, as the Galaxy Note Series has already achieved. and will also create new norms to the smartphone industry

“Folding smartphones are changing the market and as we are the pioneers and leaders of foldable smartphones. We are committed to delivering exceptional user experiences that enhance the everyday lives of consumers, and we are constantly developing new capabilities. of the Galaxy Foldables family of smartphones, such as having a big screen on a mobile that is compact and durable. Taking photos and videos with Flex mode , multitasking through split screen with the S Pen , and the ability to fold the device in different ways. We are delighted to enhance the user experience while with business leaders partners such as Google to support applications and value-added services Many on foldable smartphones.”

He also expects the popularity of foldable devices to continue to grow. In 2021 , sales of foldable smartphones in the global market will grow more than four times compared to 2020 , which is more than forecasts. Triple expected sales The growth in sales of Galaxy Z Series such as Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 in one month is a testament to its success and growing market demand. by sales for only this month It is worth more than the foldable smartphone sales of the whole year 2019 .

Standing one about delivering a smartphone experience
TM Roh also highlighted Samsung’s commitment to making the best smartphone technology tangible. “For more than ten years, Samsung has played a key role in building the foundation for 5G connectivity by collaborating with carriers in each country in Southeast Asia. Even now, 5G signals may not be covered in all areas. But I assure you that consumers in this region will definitely benefit from using 5G signals when the time comes. And I still believe that Samsung devices with 5G support will be the first choice for users in Southeast Asia. Oceania and all countries around the world for sure.”

5G technology is the key to connecting the smartphone experience and the ecosystem of Samsung Galaxy , which requires integration with the Galaxy family of smartphones . Smartphones and smart devices such as the Galaxy Watch or the Galaxy Buds smart headphones , including a computer-like experience from Galaxy Tablets via the Samsung Dex app.

TM Roh also added that “While our focus is on improving the user experience of the smartphone. We also recognize the need for connectivity in consumer lifestyles. Therefore, we are relentlessly trying to innovate, develop and extend our ecosystem so that Galaxy disciples can use it more comfortably and can truly fulfill their dreams.”

moreover He also mentioned the diversity of consumers in the region. Including the development of mid-range smartphone products, which will be critical to Samsung’s growth.

“When we understand the needs of our customers We will be able to give consumers access to mid-range smartphones. At the same time, it also delivers a state-of-the-art smartphone experience. Because we focus on using quality product specs, especially the battery, memory, performance of the device and 5G signal connection . We, like the most advanced cameras Water and dust proof properties put into a mid-range smartphone like our Galaxy A family as well ” TM Roh added.

Create a beautiful future with sustainable product innovations.
With awareness of the important role that technology plays in driving positive energy to society As a result, Samsung strives to continue its mission , Galaxy for the Planet, and put sustainability at the core of every innovation and product innovation. “I emphasize the importance of sustainability with every step we take. from product design production process including bringing back the full range of used products to protect our world.”

TM Roh also stressed that Samsung is working closely with the next generation of changemakers. who are committed to the use of technology to enhance the quality of human life and drive the global community with the Generation17 Plan , a global cooperation Together with the United Nations Development Program ( UNDP) , which is committed to achieving 17 agreements

in February A total of 17 youth leaders from two generations from Southeast Asia and Oceania were invited to the summit for the first time. One of them is Tamara Dewi Gondo Soerijo , the founder of a social enterprise from Indonesia. with a commitment to helping women refugees by upgrading their ability to earn a living and Thuy Anh Ngo from Vietnam Mobile application provider for seniors to help with physical and mental health.

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