Samsung will launch the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Tab S6 before the Note 10

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 have been all but out by Samsung in a brief YouTube clip, via SamMobile. The clip stops just shy of mentioning the devices’ full names, but at the very least, we have confirmation that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 exists and that the Galaxy Tab S6 will have a notch on its back that an S Pen stylus can attach to magnetically.

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The Galaxy Watch Active 2 looks to have a glass watch face that extends out to the edge, giving your finger plenty of space to use its rumored touch-sensitive bezel. This teaser shows the watch’s heart rate sensor flickering, possibly hinting at its EKG capability. However, this feature supposedly won’t be ready until 2020, according to a report from.

Samsung spends a bit more time on the Galaxy Tab S6 in the teaser, showing off several features, including what appears to be the dual rear camera array that we saw pop up in a recent rumor, a keyboard that can magnetically attach to the tablet via Smart Connector-like pogo pins, and the S Pen that rests on the Tab S6’s back. I’m not sold on that being the most ergonomically friendly place for a stylus, especially compared to the newer iPad Pro’s solution of having the Apple Pencil magnetically attach to its edge to charge, which lets you set the tablet down flat.

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The teaser doesn’t show either device switched on, but a few new renders from SamMobile show what that might look like on the Tab S6. Comparing the render to the Samsung-made teaser proves a virtual match between the two, but neither clears up a few remaining rumors, like whether the tablet will have an in-display fingerprint sensor or if it will have the Snapdragon 855 processor inside, as rumors suggest.

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