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Menstrual hygiene is important for the empowerment as well as the well-being of women and young girls worldwide. It is important to maintain good hygiene during periods to avoid the risk of UTIs [ Urinary Tract Infections]. Using old, damp, and dirty menstrual clothes can act as the perfect environment for the growth and multiplication of disease-causing bacteria and yeasts.

The present-day Indians have become more open and aware about menstrual hygiene-related issues and prefer using sanitary napkins and tampons instead of using old discarded clothes, rags, or anything they lay their hands on to collect menstrual blood. This has propelled the demand for female hygiene and personal care products including sanitary pads, tampons, etc. Even though both of these have the same purpose but still there are many differences between them in terms of usability and other factors. Before we discuss, which one is better, we must know few things about them.


A tampon is referred to as a small and cylindrical bundle that is made of cotton, rayon, or with a material that is a blend of both. It is worn or inserted inside the vagina and absorbs the menstrual blood completely. It comes with a small string which makes it easy to pull out.

A sanitary napkin or pad is made of absorbent material. It sticks to the lining of undergarments. Unlike a tampon, sanitary napkins are worn outside the body. It is available in different shapes, sizes and with different absorption capacities. Sanitary napkin must be changed every 3-4 hours whereas tampon can be changed every 4-8 hours.

Sanitary Napkins or Tampons


Advantages and disadvantages of tampons:


• It is more comfortable to wear during the medium to heavier flow days

• It can last long for approximately 8 hours

• As it is inside the body, it can be worn during any physical activity, even swimming

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• Many tampons end up in landfills causing land pollution

• The majority of tampons contain chemicals like rayon, dioxin, etc. which get mix up in air and groundwater and pollute them

• It can cause itchiness and dryness inside the body

• It may cause toxic shock syndrome (TSS) in which a bacterial infection spread toxins through the bloodstream to the vital organs

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Advantages and disadvantages of sanitary napkin:


• Sanitary napkin has more absorbency options than a tampon

• While wearing them, there is no chance of TSS

• It is highly comfortable and considered to be good for bedtime bleeding



• As it is worn outside, it is not considered suitable to be worn during swimming and other strenuous activities

• Unlike a tampon, it does not last long

• It can also cause skin problems if not changed on time. The presence of chemicals and fragrances in them can also cause skin rashes


We have learned about sanitary napkins and tampons in detail. We now know about their advantages and disadvantages. Now the question arises which one is better and the answer is that it depends on the preference and lifestyle of the people to choose which one is more suitable to them. Both of them have lots of advantages and some disadvantages. Both of these items rule this market and are manufactured and supplied by many big and small entrepreneurs.

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