SAP Business ByDesign ERP: Scripting SME Success With Cloud

The cloud-based ERP platform is a holistic company management tool in the hands of Small and Mid-Market Enterprises (SMEs) leaders. It ingests data streams in real-time from different business operations like HR management, CRM, inventory management, finance, and many others, delivering a Single Source of Truth for enterprise governance.

The SAP Business ByDesign ERP is a complete cloud ERP suite-in-a-Box that is purpose-built to empower companies in making data-driven decisions and attaining operational maturity, with positive impacts on their topline performance. Before the evolution of cloud-ERP management software vertical in the SAP Business ByDesign ERP lines, both in terms of availability and affordability, the mid-market entities were primarily dependent on excel sheets, Quickbooks, or sub-standard on-premise ERP deployments. Nevertheless, these methods are time-consuming, fragmented, and unreliable, often calling for the involvement of specialized hands, resulting in the inflation of operational overheads.

These legacy practices are inadequate in today’s digital-first landscape, where responses must meet the scale and velocity of business. No wonder that the onset of product lines like the SAP Business ByDesign ERP have shifted the industry discourse, with many businesses intending to build their enterprise framework around cloud ERP platforms. A report by Statista projects that by the year 2024, the cloud ERP software market is expected to grow around 97 billion USD.

While currently there are many cloud ERP solutions available in the market, SAP Business ByDesign benefits flow directly from its unique value propositions, shaped by decades of cross-industry collaboration, deep domain knowledge, and technical innovation from SAP.

SAP Business ByDesign Benefits

In the closely contested markets that characterize the local and global economic landscape, the SAP Business ByDesign ERP has been conceived to let SMEs evolve rapidly into intelligent enterprises. Let us have a look at what makes SAP Business ByDesign ERP a favorite for mid-market entities worldwide:

  • Useful For All Industries

SAP Business ByDesign ERP already has over 2,50,000 happy SME customers. SAP Business ByDesign ERP’s diverse customer base includes entities across Energy & natural resources, manufacturing, professional services, logistics, telecom, consumer industries, public services, and much more. It is indeed SAP’s cross-domain experience that has built the SAP Business ByDesign ERP as an agile enterprise management tool with adequate relevance across sectors.

  • Keeps Up With Companies Growth

Along with board-spectrum business operations management, SAP Business ByDesign ERP also offers high scalability. The SAP Business ByDesign ERP features 250 value-added partners worldwide and 125+ software ISV partners with 2,600+ add-on solutions. It allows seamless integration to connect with third-party system landscapes. Further, the SAP Business ByDesign ERP is currently localized for over 20 SAP-delivered countries with 12 languages.

  • Higher Return of Investments

Generally, cloud ERP software is 30% less expensive than on-premise ERP systems. However, the SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based ERP that has been built to bring the convenience and affordability of the cloud, even for the most financially conservative SME leadership. The pay-per-usage model collapses all annual maintenance and periodic version upgrade costs into a single per-user license fee.

  • Security

Perhaps the most remarkable of the SAP Business ByDesign benefits is its guarantee for high security in a world where the threat to enterprise data rises exponentially, especially for SMEs. All the data centers and upgrades for the SAP Business ByDesign ERP are managed directly by SAP in a highly secured cloud environment. Further, the SAP Business ByDesign ERP is embedded with proven Best Practices and in-built information and cybersecurity offerings, indispensable for Best Run enterprises in a digital-first economic climate.

  • High Performance

 The SAP Business ByDesign ERP can process about 35,000 invoices along with 20 items for every hour. It also equips the SME leadership with integrated real-time analytics, allowing business decisions the unmatched benefit of KPI-driven reporting. Further, even in highly dense operating environments, the SAP Business ByDesign ERP can seamlessly support upto 9,000 simultaneous users.


Above were a few pointers on why the SAP Business ByDesign ERP is increasingly becoming an indispensable tool for modern SMEs to script their success stories. Considering the unforeseen disruptions and the outsized challenges that the mid-market leaders are called upon to face, the SAP Business ByDesign ERP has repeatedly proved its worth as a reliable and flexible enterprise management tool. If you are also looking for various SAP-based solutions for business growth, please visit Percipere to know more.

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