Saperavi Wine – The Unsung Hero of the Great Georgian Wine


The love for wine will never end! Wine lovers across the world hunt for the oldest wines. But, nothing can beat Georgina wines, one of the largest wine producers for several decades. In fact, it’s proven that they’ve been making wine for more than 8000 years. Georgia has some of the best wine varieties across the world.

The entire country produces a wide variety of wines, and the particular grape varieties have their specific zones scattered all over the nation. Some of the most popular wines are from Georgia. However, not many have tasted all the wines, including Saperavi wines. Even wine loves aren’t aware of Georgian grape varieties, and it’s less likely that they’ve heard about Saperavi.

Everything You Need to Know About Saperavi

Saperavi has contributed more to the Georgian wineries than any other grape variety in the nation. Saperavi originates from Kakheti, a central winemaking hub in Georgia. It’s a red grape variety planted all over the nation for centuries. It’s one of the oldest wines that’s not been recognised until recently. It’s not only planted in Georgia but also in other parts of the country. In fact, Georgia’s most crucial grape variety is making its way into Australian vineyards.

Saperavi is a deep, dark coloured red grape variety among 522 indigenous varieties from Georgia. It’s one of the very few wine grapes that has red flesh as opposed to other varieties as they have clear flesh and the wine’s colour comes from the skins of the Saperavi wine grapes.

However, until recently, the Saperavi grape variety is unknown to many wine lovers. Over the past few years, it has been grown by a few winemakers in Australia, and most of the Saperavi wines are imported from Georgia.

So, What Makes Saperavi Special?

Irrespective of the variety’s location, the wine has a deep, dark colour, beetroot-like aroma, and tightly structured flavour. There are two distinctive styles of saperavi, a cold-climate and warm-climate style. It is renowned for its ability to withstand in extremely cold conditions. The wine is slightly lighter coloured with higher acidity and needs a longer time for the fruit to reach perfect condition. Warm climate Saperavi share the same characteristics of colour and mass flavours. The warmer climate allows for more acid converted into sugar and ready to drink earlier than cold climate Saperavi.

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