SARMS Stacks: The Best Thing For Bodybuilders

Most bodybuilders seek to look fit, healthy and have that type of body seen in most advertisements and photos. This is quite easy. By adopting a regular workout routine, and getting a stack to suit your needs, you are already a step ahead.

Before using stacks for bulking, there are certain things to know. One of which is that most users start with small cycles. It is quite advisable to start bulking in small doses, and keeping the doses extremely low is a plus. Subsequently, you can decide to increase it as time goes by, but the expected period is within 6 weeks. As the number of weeks increases, so the testosterone drop increases.

Here are a few Stacks to use for bulking that will ensure enough muscle development. Note, they are advanced in operation.

RAD-140 10 mg

6-weeks initial cycle

YK-11 10-15

PCT Supplement

LGD-4033 11-15 mg

These advanced stacks could be all you need to increase the cycle. Most people tend to increase it from 6 weeks to up to 8 weeks.

But it is not very much advisable. This is because testosterone suppression is high when double or even triple stacks are used. A lot of complications and side effects results from using the double and triple stack at once. So, in other to avoid this, try to finish one cycle to be sure of the side effects, and consequences.

The SARMs are powerful, and together with the PCT supplement, is highly recommended for is with a bulking stack. Click on this URL for more detailed information on SARMs stacks.


SARMs for fat loss

Most bodybuilders go for products that promise instant fat loss, as this is one of the ways to achieve the body they want. The GW 501516 Cardarine and the MK 2816 Ostarine, are the best known for fat loss.

When combined, they enhance the reduction in fat found in the body and still preserves the lean muscles. With the required maintenance, increase in daily workout routines, and beating the records, you discover that a lot of muscle growth and development takes place with these cutting stacks.

The classic SARMs cutting slack consists of:

6-week cycle

PCT Supplement

SARMs for strength

The SARMs for strength is not usually as available as the other stacks. It is because most of the SARMs are for muscle building, maintenance, and development.  The YK-11, and LGD-433, are considered the right stacks for strength.

When ready for use, does each of them in 10-16 mg. Repeat this for 6 straight weeks, after which you may consider an increase to 8 weeks. If your body is ready and mature enough to handle an 8-weel cycle, then go ahead with it.

They include:

A dose of 10-16 mg



Note that even after using these stacks, proper care should be taken while exercising to not strain the muscle. Failure to do that leads to skeletal stress and muscle complications.

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