SAT Private Tutor

Your SAT score correlates with your academic success in college and your earning potential after college. Working with our team of high-scoring scholars can propel you to your full potential during application season. Not only do we offer exceptional SAT test prep, but a full team of PhD’s, MD’s, and qualified advisors to help you through the applications process (included with every package). SAT Private Tutor

Free SAT Practice Test

Research shows that the more practice questions you do, the higher your SAT score. It is very important to focus on practice SAT questions that are created by the test administrators. This is why we provide all of our students with a free SAT practice test.

Risk-Free Trial

We include a Free Introductory Hour with all of our SAT tutoring study packages. This way, you can meet your tutor and develop a study plan before beginning your paid hours. Private Sat Tutoring

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that you’re busy. Between a full-time class schedule, all the extracurriculars, and various activities you are heading in order to impress the applications committees, your schedule is booked. Your tutor will schedule lessons based around your availability. Our staff will work with you on your applications on evenings and weekends, whatever it takes.

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