Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Pastry Chefs to Lookout For – Carmen Hernandez


When it comes to desserts, pastry chefs are the rock stars and idols of the culinary world. They have a unique talent for creating sweet works of art that tantalise the taste buds and leave us clamouring and begging for more. One such pastry chef is Carmen Hernandez.


Carmen Hernandez has been delighting customers with her delectable creations for years. Her second hobby is travelling, but it does not deter her from her ultimate objective: becoming the World Chocolate Master. And she’s come close on two occasions with a third-place finish.


Hernandez found her passion for sweets early on in her home country, Spain. With many of the world’s most creative dishes surrounding her, Hernandez gained a unique perspective on desserts. She believes that desserts should be an experience that can last multiple courses; they should have different aspects to them and contain rich detail as a story would. Most importantly, though, they should be enjoyed with all senses!


This mentality is seen in Hernandez’s work. Her cuisine features delectable sweets made with high-quality ingredients, which heightens the experience and describes how sweet food should taste. Her use of a variety of textures and flavour profiles ensures that her desserts are one-of-a-kind, with her signature desserts including a baked cheesecake on a bed of feuilletine, banana bread muffins, gula melaka, orange and pistachio, lemon tart with basil cream, Choux éclair with vanilla, coffee or chocolate cream, the classic Tiramisu, and more.


Chef Hernandez’s pastries are some of the best you’ll ever have, from tempting treats like gluten-free chocolate brownies to mouth-watering cheese croissants.


Today, she lives in Dubai and operates a dessert cafe called Brix under the 3fils group, where she offers her renowned desserts. So, if you’re ever in the mood for something sweet, check out Chef Carmen Hernandez’s desserts! You won’t be disappointed.


You can also check out her masterclass, The Escape, which features a 5-course multi-sensory sweet journey. Hernandez will take you on an exploration of flavour, texture, and aroma as you discover new ways to enjoy sweets with all your senses!
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