Save the Memory of the Lost Person by Carrying Necklace for Ashes with You

Man is mortal. Birth and Death is the greatest truth of life. Every birth brings death with it and no one can escape from the claws of death. Thus, it is obvious that your life is a journey between Birth and Death. Man as a social being always loves to enjoy the journey of life with some companions. When you meet your companions, you feel graced, but when you lose your companions, you feel crushed. You find yourself at the apex of plight.


The present discussion is on one of our cultural practices of preserving the ashes of deceased person to realize their presence. What if you wish to preserve the ashes of the lost dearest one and want to carry the ashes with you to fetch their spiritual presence. If it is, then you can find huge collection of jewelry for ashes in both online and offline shopping platforms. Standard cremation jewelry will hold about an inch or approximately 1/8 teaspoon of cremated ashes. The most widely accepted accessories for ashes are Necklace for Ashes and Necklace Urns for Ashes.  You will like the necklace because you can find pendants or urn for ashes with the necklace. The pendants are lightweight and attractive. You can keep the ashes in the urn or pendants and hang them with the necklace of your choice.

Personalized Engravable Urn Pendant

Engravable cremation urn pendant can satisfy your choice. You can crave the name or image of the deceased person or any letter or symbol relating your lost dear one. Varieties of urn pendants for ashes are available in the online and offline shopping platforms. You can filter your selection with Engravable cylindrical cremation urn pendant, Detailed cross cremation urn pendant, engravable dog tag cremation urn pendant, Gold bullet cremation urn pendant, black bullet cremation urn pendant, rectangle bar engravable cremation urn pendant, handwriting urn pendant, personalize bar pendant for ashes, crystal urn for ashes etc. While choosing the pendants check the gasket of the urn pendant for ashes. The asket should be secure and safe.

Necklace for ashes or Necklace urns for ashes


While choosing necklace for urn pendant, you can think of gold & stainless steel necklace. You also should take care of the length, color and design of the necklace. And the necklace should also be within your budget. Chain should be adjustable. From online shopping platform, you can find the detail of it. The necklace should be hypo allergic, durable and fadeless. You can go with Cremation urn necklace, sterling silver golden daydream necklace, blue sky pendant necklace, cremation jewelry wrench urn ashes necklace, Gredstar gone fishing urn necklace for ashes, Dletay cremation cross necklace for ashes etc.


Thus, my dear visitors the above discussion is meant to sympathize and assist you with the ideas to keep the memory of the persons whom you have lost in the cyclic process of birth and death. You cannot mar the power of death, you can’t save your soul person for death, but you can save their memory to accompany you in your journey.

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