Say Goodbye To Toxins! The 100% True Herbal Products.

There are a lot of products available in the market but choosing the right is challenging. There are a lot of concerns while choosing the right product. The safety, your skin type, checking the ingredients and the list goes on. Farmherbs found the solution to this problem. Farmherbs is a 100% Trusted Brand. They have experience of over 4 centuries in Ayurveda. Farmherbs Produce only 100% True herbal products without any synthetic ingredients so they will be completely safe to use they use the ingredients that are naturally derived from the nature that nourishes your skin and gives your skin a Nature protection
Herbal Kajal Stick for Baby
When comes to beauty Kajal will be the first cosmetic product that every Indian use for their babies. A baby’s skin will be more sensitive than an adult’s skin so you should be more careful while choosing the product for your baby. Farmherbs Prioritise the safety of your baby they developed a 100% Lead-free Pure Ayurvedic & Certified Safe Kajal. It has been clinically & dermatologically approved as safe. This ensures the safety of your baby’s skin.
Herbal Kajal Pencil for Baby
Herbal Kajal Pencil enhances your baby’s beauty even more. It is 100% Smudge-proof and No preservatives are added. It is made from 100% Herbal Colour. There won’t be any side effects for your baby as there are no synthetic ingredients.
Herbal Kajal Stick for Adults
This 100% Herbal, Lead-free & Smudge-proof kajal relieves your eyes from stress. It helps you to keep your eyes healthy and even brighter. This contains Zero toxins, its is herbally preserved with advanced technology
Herbal Kajal Pencil for Adults
This Herbal kajal pencil gives your eyes a flawless sharper look. This is a 100% herbal, Lead-free & Smudgeproof Product. The deep black colour with 100% natural ingredients enhances your beauty

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