SBI Kiosk Banking-All things you Need to Know

In response to simple online accounts such as Kotak 811 and Axis ASAP, the State Bank of India has launched its minimum KYC account called SBI Kiosk. Officially, for SBI Kiosk, customers don’t need to provide normal KYC documents like Aadhaar Card or PAN Card. They offer self-proof photos and signature/thumb. There is no minimum balance requirement for SBI Kiosk Banking.

How to open SBI kiosk banking?

SBI Kiosk accounts can only be opened physically at SBI branches, and they cannot be opened online. Joint accounts can be opened under SBI Kiosk.


If any person is over the age of 18 and they have an official identification document.

Interest rate:

The interest rate on the SBI Kiosk Banking is the same as the interest rate on other SBI savings accounts. The current interest rate on the SBI savings account is 4%.

Debit card:

SBI Kiosk customers receive a basic RuPay debit card.


There are no annual maintenance and closing costs, and NEFT/RTGS transfers are free. Depositing and collecting federal/state-issued checks is free.

Hold a position:

The account is valid for 12 months, after which the customer must complete KYC with SBI. However, the account holder can extend this account without full KYC for another 12 months if he can prove that he has applied for the identity document issued by government agencies.


This account has some restrictions. The balance therein must not exceed Rs. 50,000. The aggregate transferred to it and after that in one month may not exceed Rs. 10,000. If these conditions are violated, the total credit credited to the account in one year may not exceed Rs. 1 lakh. Additional transactions on the account will not be allowed until the KYC is complete. Only four withdrawals per month are allowed, and foreign transfers to the account are not allowed.

Important information about SBI Kiosk Banking:

A bank kiosk is a SBI Kiosk Banking or a small shop where banking services can be used. These shops are run by professionals with basic knowledge of banking. These stores will allow users to earn microfinance loans and deposit or withdraw money without travelling to remote areas. With the help of the SBI kiosk bank, you can now access all necessary financial services from a single store. Users do not have to wait in long queues to complete banking tasks. With the help of the Digital CSP Apply from the SBI kiosk banking, you can easily open an account.

How does the kiosk work?

Kiosk banks can partner with any bank. And the reseller owners are allowed to open non-binding accounts on behalf of individuals from the weaker parts. The customer must go to the kiosk store for biometric authentication and submit the required documents. Subsequently, the retail owner sends the customer’s documents to the bank’s main branch for KYC processing.

After successfully creating an account on behalf of the customer, they can use the report to deposit or withdraw funds. A reputable electronic regulatory provider can obtain more information about kiosk banking services. With an online banking kiosk, SBI can increase the share of that bank’s shares. This is possible because kiosks can be operated in rural areas that traditional banks cannot access.

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