Scan Vulnerabilities with the Use of PHP Static Analysis

Today web presence is the need of the hour in everything we do. So, the basic need for that is to have a website. And now this web development has turned out to be a big business in itself today.

With the use of different kinds of coding applications, websites and so on the web are created. For this web development, different kinds of scripting languages are used and one of them is PHP.

The basic necessity of any site, page or anything that you upload on the web needs to be secure and also user-friendly. So, you need to use a code that will help deliver applications that are secure. For that, you may need to have some kind of analysis to be done.

Use for checking the security feature

You can use the PHP static analysis to check and ensure such security feature. You have plenty of options for such code analysis. You only need to select the right tool for your work. The result of such analysis should be accurate and you should ensure there is no false negative or positive at a high rate.

With getting such solutions, the developers will get confidence and they can act upon the finding. Also, all these findings need to be reported. You need to report it in a right way. You need to scan your code for secure development. This is done when the data has been delivered. And it is done in a way these developers need so that this becomes an accepted part of the application development lifecycle.

Assess the vulnerability with ease

Also, these networks, applications and so on developed this way may have some security issues which need to be checked and analyzed. For this purpose, a PHP scanner can be used. It is designed in such a way that it can assess the susceptibilities of the applications and networks for the code weaknesses written using the scripting language PHP.

You have different kinds of such scanners that can be used for different kinds of segments. The functionality of these may vary between these PHP vulnerability security scanners but the purpose of all these is to identify the vulnerabilities in the PHP code targets. This is a core component of technology for different kinds of vulnerability management.

Different functions of the scanner

These scanners will scan and look for different kinds of vulnerabilities. These have different kinds of functions too.

  • Crawler – that will display every URL that fit in to the website
  • URL vulnerability scanner – that will scan all URLs that are located for errors
  • History scan – that will allow users to get previous scan reports in the PDF format
  • Registration and login functions
  • Range of specific vulnerabilities for testing
  • Creation of PDF report in detail
  • Issue of final report in PDF format as an attachment to the user

This report is sent to the user after the completion of the scan. This is a comprehensive analysis and it contains information about these vulnerabilities found by the scanner in detail.

With such functions of this scanner, it enables one to get some website scans vulnerabilities with ease.

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