school management software

AI First Admissions

Drive Purposeful Engagement

Make better decisions with lead scoring, intelligent retargeting, reports & insights, and more. Make your advertising spend more efficient with a robust lead management system.

Make Accurate Data
Driven Decisions

With an AI-first platform, you get the most from your data. Assess what works for you and let the software do most of the hard work.

Deliver a Connected

Never lose an interested lead by automating communication and tracking engagement & effectiveness. Qualify and nurture high
quality leads from enquiry to admission.

Equip Your Team with the Right Tools

Turn data into actionable insights – recruit the right students and make smarter, AI driven decisions. Understand, predict and recommend the next best action through the right channels to engage with each stakeholder


Leverage AI Across the Admissions Lifecycle

From recruitment to enrollment, AdmitNXT simplifies and enhances the admissions process for educational institutions.

Focus on each and every prospective student with tailored communications at each and every touchpoint.

Within a single system, manage all student data efficiently, receive actionable insights and make better decisions to ensure intake of the right students.

Outreach + Engagement

Exercise better control and ensure better outcomes through the recruitment process. Engage with prospects purposefully and communicate the right information to the right students at the right time.

A Hassle-free and 100% Cloud-Based Education Management Software

The success of educational institutions largely depends on how they manage relationships and communicate with key groups including students, parents, alumni, teachers and other staff. Managing educational organizations is a job marred with complexities. On one hand, it takes robust data management capabilities to organize information and make it easily accessible. On the other hand, it also requires continuous and non-stop running of operations in an optimized and smooth way.

Key Features

Application Management

Course & Lecture Scheduler

Fee Management

Calendar Management

Attendance Management


Schools and colleges of the 21st century rely on powerful education management software that are specifically designed to help them manage processes, administrative operations and data. Such single-window software and cloud-based solutions are essential for the management to take timely and data-based decisions, reduce costs and improve the organization’s overall performance.

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