Scope of BA English Honours in India

After earning a BA Honours in English, you have more alternatives than teaching or working as a journalist. It’s incredible how everyone believes something different! Following is a list of 9 alternative professional routes you may pursue after completing a BA English Hons Colleges in Delhi NCR!

B.A English Hons

Are you looking for some exciting professional opportunities and courses? Don’t be concerned! We’ll go through the breadth of BA English Honours in this section. Take a peek around!

1. Writing Expertise

With this degree, you may pursue writing as a vocation. What’s fascinating is that, depending on one’s hobbies, there are many various types of writing one may pursue, ranging from scriptwriting to travel writing, copywriting, or just writing material for a website or a publishing firm. After English Honours, this is one of the highest-paying positions.

2. MBA

MBA is one of the most popular degrees after completing a BA Hons in English Degree Delhi NCR. A graduate degree is the most fundamental qualification for anybody interested in pursuing an MBA. So, depending on your sector of interest, you may pursue an MBA in finance, marketing, sales, human resources, international business, and so on. You may leverage your ability to write and talk nicely to produce excellent pitches and successfully explain the brand’s vision to its target audience.

3. Public Relations

This course will familiarize you with the many channels/media through which communication occurs in society, ranging from cinema to radio to television to newspapers, and now even social media. The scope of a BA English Honours degree is limitless; a Mass Communications degree will familiarize you with both the technical and creative sides of these channels, and you may choose to work in either. In addition, a bachelor’s degree in English with honors will offer you an advantage in communicating with other students in this program.

4. Marketing on Social Media

‘What to do after BA English?’ is one of the most common inquiries after graduating in literature. Finally, we’ve got the solution for you. Because social media has become such an essential part of our lives, you may pursue it professionally after earning a BA in English with honors. Furthermore, because you can read and write well, you may use these abilities to promote various companies to netizens. Plus, if you’re already hooked to social media, you’ll have no trouble with this one.

5. Civil Services

Yes, you may study for and sit for civil service exams. Your BA honors English studies may assist you with your civils since civils don’t simply test your knowledge, but also your perspective on a given subject or problem, and how you construct your response makes all the difference. As a result, your writing abilities may make or destroy you!

6. Public Relations

If you can easily persuade others with only your words and get them to understand your perspective without even trying, you’ll be a natural in public relations. PR is a challenging and fascinating career choice that may be pursued in various fields, from lifestyle to business to government.

7. The law

Yes, you may pursue a career in law if that is your passion. In reality, since you already have a graduate degree, you may choose a three-year course rather than a five-year program to become a professional lawyer. After obtaining a BA in English and a law degree, this will be an excellent professional choice.

8. Organizing an event

Several events are taking on all around us. You may organize such events, acquire sponsors for them, sell them to various audiences, and earn a lot of money while doing so. You may either enroll in an event management school or apply straight to an event management business, depending on your interests, ranging from Bollywood to Corporate. People who can talk and write well are usually given precedence.


A translator is one of the most common careers after graduating with a BA in English. You can do that and be highly compensated for it. Because you are already fluent in English, all you need to do now is study another foreign language (if you don’t already know one) and work for the embassy or any other translation employment.

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