Sd card for phone

Welcome to DIG website, we sincerely bring you good products and services, since the establishment of our website, we have earphones, stereos, SD memory cards, U disks, mobile hard disks, monitors, projectors, game consoles, games Controllers, mice, keyboards, power banks, inverters and other CE certified products. Sd card for phone

SD memory card

SD card was developed in August 1999. The initial size is equivalent to the size of a postage stamp, and the weight is also very light, only 2g, but its transmission speed and storage capacity are very high.

It is very safe and convenient to carry. It has been launched and immediately triggered a global upsurge. Because SD card is easy to carry, the transmission of digital files is very safe, and it is easy to reset and format after the transmission, so it exists in more and more fields. Memory card for phone

In the field of multimedia files such as music, movies and news, and now many digital cameras also choose SD cards for external storage.

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