Seamlessly integrate elements from RuneScape into their games

Despite the strong ties between Melvor Idle and RuneScape, and the direct involvement of Jagex in the game RS Gold, the publisher decided to keep the game an original IP, rather than create the official RuneScape spin-off. It was a recognition of the fact that Malcolm was successful in a place that Jagex has failed.

“We considered the idea of creating an idle RuneScape game some years ago, with RuneScape: Idle Adventures,” Pfeiffer elaborates. “In Alpha, we stopped development in order to concentrate our efforts on the core RuneScape games.

We’ve always believed in that RuneScape’s capabilities are endless in area of idle games and Melvor Idle more than proves that RuneScape can be a great idle game. But Melvor Idle stands up on its own merits as well and we were determined to stay faithful to the idea of this game Brendan had when he started creating Melvor Idle.”

Pfeiffer also cites the success of Melvor Idle as proof of how talent can come from any game’s community that Jagex has already realized. “We’ve always found this RuneScape group to be a fantastic opportunity for talent at Jagex not only in terms of game developers but also for the numerous roles that a games studio can have runescape 07 gold,” he says. “RuneScape has more than 300 million accounts created in the last 20 years, and the amount of people with talent who have been a part of the game is immense.”

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