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The advent of the Internet and its advancement over time has drastically changed the way we interact with the world. Starting from procuring daily utility items to making online transactions, every activity involves the use of the Internet. Banks and fintech firms are the biggest users of Internet services for making monetary transactions easy through online operations.

But the major struggle facing such companies is complying with the legal requirements to ensure a secure transaction process. This usually involves a customer id verification step for efficient onboarding. Though customer id verification is an important step, it might affect the user experience. Most AML id verification software solutions complicate the process which makes the customers abandon the process in the middle. The customer id verification process provided by current tools is lengthy and time-consuming, thus, deteriorating the quality of user experience. Hence, most businesses lose potential customers.

This trend must change, and it will happen only when robust and advanced tools are developed that are easy to employ without affecting the quality of user experience. This need for a tech-driven affordable AML verification tool which makes the customer onboarding process simple and efficient was identified by BASIS ID.

BASIS ID is amongst the very select few companies in the market that are serious about rolling out an efficient yet cost-effective id verification software. The company was established in 2017 with a vision to enhance the quality and safety of online transactions by providing a robust tool for id verification. The company has maintained a team of professionals who are certified and qualified to provide excellent id verification services across the globe.

BASIS ID KYC/AML solution provides automatic verification, transparency, high conversion rate, and fast integration. The solution uses advanced technology such as biometrics, facial recognition, 3D face modeling, and more to verify the authenticity of the identities under a few minutes. This outstanding compliance solution covers more than 42,000 databases for verification of identities using fuzzy matching. The excellent solution is easy to integrate into the form of a widget or as API integration.

With the BASIS ID KYC/AML solution, a business can reinforce its security walls and identify any potential financial threat. So, if you are looking for an efficient online KYC check to prevent your business from financial frauds, you must contact BASIS ID now. Having provided their excellent services to banks across the globe, BASIS ID would be glad to help you strengthen your AML compliance program too.

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