Searching For A Storage Place, Stonegate Mini Storage Got You Covered

We provide the best space for storage of every kind whether you need dry storage, weather-controlled storage, or storage for your vehicle such as a boat. We are available in your city near you.


The storage facility in Cleveland GA       

 We are now available in your city with our variety of Storage facilities in Cleveland GA to make your life easy and hassle-free. We provide safe and secure storage because we understand the value of your goods and vehicles. Let’s get a look at the service we are providing for storing your goods and vehicles.


Self Storage in Cleveland GA

Stonegate Mini storage is providing a safe and secure place for storing your goods with different features such as dry storage which will protect your product from any kind of moisture and increase the life of your good. So, What are you waiting for get the facility of self-storage in Cleveland GA that is in your own city and keep your goods safe and secure for a longer period.



Boat Storage in Cleveland GA

We are also providing the facility of boat storage in Cleveland GA. By keeping your boat in a place that will protect your boat from any kind of rusting or any other problem as we have whether controlled storage areas that are highly made for the protection of the quality of your boat. For keeping your boat safe and secured from the outer environment that may affect the quality of your boat. So keep your boat in boat storage in Cleveland GA.


RV Storage in Cleveland GA

Get RV storage in Cleveland GA by your most trusted company Stonegate mini storage. We provide the proper facility for keeping your RV with all the safety and security. We also provide you with the assurance of the most secure storage in Cleveland GA. Get your RV storage in Cleveland at affordable prices will all the safety measures that will keep your vehicle as it is.


Why choose us?

We are giving you 100% assurance of your goods. As we understand the value of your vehicle and good. It’s our responsibility to protect them from every kind of harm or climate. For which we have also made the separate dry storage area, whether control storage area and vehicle storage area. So, as to provide you the most secure storage in Cleveland GA.

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