Seastraws: Helping You Become Sustainable with Excellent Quality Reusable Glass Straws

Every day after you get back from your morning run, you have a habit of drinking a glass of nutritional smoothie. That means you use a plastic straw to drink it while you are also getting ready for the day. Every day you use a plastic straw for this and throw it in your garbage. Can you imagine how much plastic waste is your daily use of plastic straw creating? Since you hear frequently how our oceans are polluted with plastic, the flora, and fauna dying because it, you must assume that it is a lot. Now, you don’t have to come up with a revolutionary idea to save the world but make a small change. Start using best reusable straws produced by local companies such as Seastraws.

Seastraws is amongst those select few companies that are actively working to bring a change for the better of the environment. Based in Australia and established by a local young surfer couple, Seastraws is striving hard to make reusable glass straws mainstream. The company was established by the founders out of their love for the ocean and marine life. They wanted to find a proactive and sustainable solution to reduce the use of single-use plastic such as straws. From there began the journey to make reusable glass straws Australia and currently, they have become the favourite company for Australian households to buy glass straws. Seastraws don’t just manufacture any other regular glass straws rather use non-toxic borosilicate glass that is also BPA free, dishwasher safe, and allergen-free. This means that as much as you would be helping the environment, you will also have a healthy lifestyle.

Seastraws is determined to make reusable glass straws an everyday thing for Australian households. With the reusable glass straws, you will have a pleasant experience drinking your favourite drink.

Seastraws offer a range of reusable glass straws starting from plain glass straws to coloured glass straws. Whether you are looking for a single glass straw or a set of multiple straws for your family, Seastraws has got you covered. Not just straws but the company now offers reusable glass smoothie set, reusable bubble tea cup, reusable straws, and glass infuser bottles for tea or fruit. Don’t worry if you are always on the go, Seastraws has glass straw sets with a bamboo travel case so that you can carry sustainability wherever you go. Contact them by sending them a direct message to know more.

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