Securing data- A major pressing point for conglomerates

Business conglomerates throughout the world are grappling with a new issue and it is not just scaling up productivity, streamlining sales, finding new customers or recovering from the aftermath of the global coronavirus outbreak. Rather, companies are looking at newer and more innovative ways to streamline the way they find, classify, secure and encrypt vital and sensitive data while making it easily controllable and accessible, all the while ferreting through multiple points and entry sources and accounting for cloud/remote working. Sounds like a tough ask right? Fasoo strives to help companies manage, classify, find and encrypt data with multiple security frameworks in place. With its emphasis on the best data encryption and file security, it helps companies remain more in control of their sensitive and valuable information which is a necessity in today’s times to say the least.

File security at Fasoo is ensured through its innovative modules and technological tools. From data encryption and classification to a bevy of other products, companies can use Fasoo as a one-stop solution for fulfilling all their specific needs and requirements with aplomb. The contemporary scenario where people are mobile and evolving in a hybrid, work from home and multi-cloud environment, demands that continual threats to security and privacy, especially for valuable data, be tracked and eliminated. Sensitive and unstructured files with vital data are a problem area for most organizations and any leaks of confidential data could be detrimental for them in the future as well. Data theft, loss and piracy are pressing problems that today’s corporates are steadily waking up to. Damages to the corporate brand and company reputation are immense in many such cases of data loss/theft, particularly for customer-facing and B2C brands.

There is a growing need to secure all data points while discovering and classifying all unstructured data first. Thereafter, companies should work with the likes of Fasoo to build privacy and security based infrastructure while covering aspects like encryption, storage, remote access, controls and centralized monitoring of all sensitive data from a single location for authorized users. The focus point is the control over data in this case instead of establishing controls over every location, system or device which gets in contact with or interacts with valuable data. Instead of an approach that centers on the location or repository, companies will have to adopt an approach which is more file-centric while enabling efficient management and protection of data which is unstructured and highly sensitive.

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