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Security guard services are a lucrative business. Many people, however, are not aware of the many ways in which a company can be classed as a security firm. This post will provide an overview of (1) the different classifications of security firms, (2) what makes a company decide to become a security guard company, and (3) the various types of security service that companies offer.

There are three different classifications for organizations involved in private guarding: organizations providing physical protection to the property or person being guarded; those which provide personal protection against an imminent threat of violence; and those which provide both. For many people in this industry, it is not always clear which category their organization falls under and as such there are sometimes issues with liability.

Security firms can also be classified according to their level of training, affiliation, specialization and type. For example, a security firm can be classified as either guard dog, alarm response or patrol only. It may also affiliate with government agencies such as the police force or the military. This in turn can lead to specialization in some part of the security business such as bomb disposal, engineering or caving. Security firms may also specialize in areas such as executive protection, personal protection and body guarding and they may be small business that provides these services to others. Visit here –


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