3 Security tips to protect you from a data breach

With the continuous advancement in technology, everything is just a click away. To download apps, install software, and access other applications, we all provide our personal information as a part of sign up or registration process. Apart from that, there could be many other reasons (hotel check-in, collecting reward points, etc.) for which we share our private info on various websites. Doing this on an unsecured network may comprise your security, which may cost you high.


To prevent the occurrence of such situations, you can download McAfee activate and get an antivirus for your device. Moreover, you should also keep these six security checks in your mind to stay away from the prying eyes of the hackers:


Most of the users set a single password for all their personal accounts. This makes it easy to remember your login details, but it is a child’s play for the hackers to crack such passwords. Therefore, you should never keep one password for all your accounts. If you find it difficult, then take the help of McAfee password manager that comes up with almost all McAfee programs (download available at www.mcafee.com/activate).

The second tip related to your account passwords are: keep changing it after a certain period. Moreover, never share your password with anyone.

Two-step verification

Most of the online accounts come up with a two-step verification feature. This is an additional protection that you can opt to protect your account. By enabling this, you would need to enter an OTP (One-time password) after entering the password of your account. Moreover, keep a fraud alert for your bank accounts. Also, keep a check on your credit card statements and bank account statements regularly.

Use McAfee Identity Theft protection

A program like McAfee Identity Theft protection can help you monitor your accounts and get an immediate alert for any suspicious activity. This program also helps you to regain any losses if anything goes wrong. Get it now through mcafee.com/activate today!

For further queries or assistance, contact McAfee customer support team.

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