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Pearvisa Germany

Germany is the fifth most favourable nation that many people prefer moving to. Due to amazing economic performance, employment opportunities, and an excellent education system, this country makes an ideal option for migrants. People from across the globe wish to move to Germany to lead a fresh and new lifestyle. How exactly do you seek Germany PR (permanent residencyvisa? Well, having immigration consultants on board with you to help you seek residency in the country. The permit not only allows you to live in the country for an unrestricted period but also helps you work in any part of Germany.

Below we have listed some of the conditions that you need to fulfill to become eligible for permanent residency in Germany…

  • Professional Qualification: For those who are highly qualified and have an annual income of over 84,000 Euros, you can apply for the PR visa immediately. Those who have the in-depth technical knowledge or are involved in academic teaching can seek PR in Germany.
  • Duration of Stay: You can apply for a PR to seek a permit to work or live in the country, only if you are living there for five years or more. In case you are pursuing education or working in the country with a legal residence permit. You apply for Germany PR visa.
  • Understanding of German Language: It is necessary for the applicant to have knowledge of the German language in order to obtain PR. The B1 level is needed that is quite easy only if you are living in the country for two years or more. Besides that, you need to pursue knowledge of the German culture or society in terms of the social, legal, and political system.

The process is a bit complex and hence, connecting with Pearvisa Germany can be of huge help.

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