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GreenTree Electronics is a main distributor of electronic Components Manufacturers and distributor of Integrated Circuits. They are giving electronic parts and administrations to worldwide enterprises.


GreenTree Electronics is a specialist in offering discernible and validated electronic parts, straightforwardly from producers, And worldwide systems administration diversified wholesalers and is the obsolete components distributor.


GreenTree Electronics offers electronic components testing service, and they are giving electronic parts to the worldwide business Industrial, Medical, Communication, Defense, and Consumer applications. Currently, they have become an expert in delivering valid and validated electronic parts direct from our worldwide system administration to manufacturers and diverse traders.


Results of GreenTree Electronics:

  • FPGA: A field-programmable gate array (FPGA) is a client-modified and planned IC. It contains a bunch of programmable rationale blocks in clusters that are associated by utilizing a progressive system of reconfigurable interconnects. The principal objective of FPGA is to perform rationale mixes and number juggling capacities up to complex calculations.


  • Integrated Circuits: GreenTree Electronics offers a brand arrangement of Integrated Circuits of the world’s driving makers with aptitude in Micro-Processors and DSP for Networking, Embedded frameworks, Imaging, and Video.


  • Flash Memories: GreenTree Electronics is a distributor of flash memory that incorporates Volatile and non-Volatile IC’s and Memory modules of world-driving producers: Micron, Nanya, Samsung, PSC, Infineon, Kingston, IDT, ISSI, Hitachi, Cypress, NEC, and Toshiba.


  • ElectroMechanic: GreenTree Electronics offers a wide scope of Connectors and Passive parts which are appropriate for practically any application and board plan, like telecommunications, Industrial, Consumer gadgets, Data stockpiling, Computers, Embedded gadgets, Automotive, Military, and that’s just the beginning.

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