Selecting the Best Rolling Paper for Your Smoking Needs

Except for newbies, tobacco lovers understand the value of a fine hand-rolled cigarette. Smoking with the right rolling paper brings the art into your smoking.

As smokers increase globally, the demands for best smoking accessories, expectedly, have followed suit, creating a boom in the tobacco industry.

For instance, when it comes to selecting a rolling paper, the options are countless. The problem then becomes making the best choice from the confusing lots of wrappers on the market. If you can relate, here are some things to consider when picking a suitable rolling paper for your smoke.

Check the Size The quality of smoke you wish to consume at your smoking sessions, to a large extend, should determine the paper you go for. Papers come in different sizes, including King Size, Double Wide, One and One-Half, One and One-quarter Inch, and Single wide.

Double wide papers are about 3-inch long while a king-size has a 4.3-inch length. It’s common knowledge that the length and breadth of your rolling paper determine how much tobacco can be stuffed in.

Paper Material Rolling papers are usually made with either of three kinds of materials – hemp, rice,or wood pulp.

The hemp-made rollers a more natural option and will hardly tear or break. Rice wrappers are somewhat lighter, and they are ash-free. For availability and longer lit, wood pulpis your best bet—the more natural your smoking paper, the smoother and more original the smoke. Bugler Rolling Paper, for example,is one sure more natural wrapper you can trust.

Flavor If you desire an extra feel from your smoke, you may spice it up with a flavorful rolling paper. Trying out a blueberry or citrus flavor can surprisingly up your smoking game – an excellentway to showcase your unique style and class.

Although these options boost your sensory experience, however, it burns quicker than the no-flavor options.

Wrap Up When selecting a suitable rolling paper, a lot of factors come to play. As with pipe screens, rolling papers have evolved over the years, offering smokers a whole lot more vibes. Whether you’re new to smoking or just looking to try something different, picking the best rolling papers will make an overall lot difference.

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