Selecting the Right Cannabis Extraction Approach for Your Needs

With global demand for THC and CBD distillate products growing, there has never been a better moment to be a cannabis producer, processor, or product formulator. Choosing hemp processing services is an often neglected but crucial stage in the planning process when entering these sectors.

What are your options for cannabis extraction?

You have three major options for fulfilling your extraction demands, depending on the amount of cannabis biomass you expect to process each year and the sort of distillate you want to generate. You may:

  • Partner with a mobile extraction lab service to extract at your region instead of building your own lab.
  • Create your own fully-compliant extraction lab at your location.
  • Hire a third-party processor (also known as a “toll-processor”) to oversee extraction at their site.

Is a mobile cannabis extraction lab right for you?

A mobile extraction lab is a fully-certified clean room that has been modified with extraction equipment that is ready to use. Off-site built to GPP, cGMP, and EU GMP standards, they are supplied and installed at your plant, manned, and managed by the partner business under contract. They enable scalable production and help you in avoiding some of the problems and challenges associated with establishing your own extraction lab, allowing you to focus on cultivation, product development, and sales and marketing.

The best hemp processing services enable you to extract at your own facility without the need for a major capital investment (CAPEX) or a massive amount of floor space. You may benefit from the experience of the top engineers, whose primary goal is to build labs that generate the highest-quality distillate.

Labs can be operational in facilities anywhere in the world in 4-6 months, removing the hassle of selecting the best extraction technique and locating the appropriate equipment.

If you process 50,000 lbs. to 2 million lbs. of biomass per year and wish to outsource the lab CAPEX and continuing personnel, SOPs, maintenance, and upgrades to a trusted partner, mobile extraction lab partners are a wonderful choice. These laboratories may also be quite beneficial if you want to test the market for new items or expand into isolate or THC-free products via remediation and separation procedures.

Should you consider building your own cannabis extraction lab?

Building your own extraction lab may be the ideal choice if you have refined your products, procured biomass, and have a strong current client base. Building your own lab can place you in a very competitive position in this developing industry if you process more than 1 million pounds of biomass per year and have the facility space and funding secured.

It is critical to recognize that constructing an extraction lab is a major endeavor. You’ll need to engage engineers to create the suitable procedure and find the appropriate equipment. You’ll need to satisfy regulatory criteria and hire employees with the right skills.

Depending on the size of the lab and the sort of distillate you’re producing, the full procedure might take 12-24 months (or more) and cost $3 million to $7.5 million before you can begin processing.

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