Self-Care Sunday is a Thing: How to Do It Right

homepage-indigo-smallHow often do you spend a day just for yourself? No, those 30 seconds of deep breathing in the elevator aren’t enough! You wouldn’t want your mechanic to spend just 30 seconds tuning up your car, right? Well, your body and your mind need maintenance too. So you—yes, you—should spend more time on yourself. Even the most selfless people need to be selfish from time to time, and that’s what self-care Sunday is all about.

Yes, It’s Really All About You

Being “selfish” turns off a lot of people, and for the most part, that’s good! We never want to be seen as selfish, but a little dash of selfishness is necessary for self-care. Are you a nicer person to be around before or after your morning coffee? How about on 4 hours sleep versus 8 hours? You bring more to the table when you take care of yourself first. Give yourself permission to cut in line and put yourself first on Sunday. Monday morning you will thank Sunday you for it!

Take a Social Media Break

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are super fun for killing time, but they do just that: kill time. They can become stressful and waste time that you could be spending on yourself. Make the choice to be present in your alone time, even if you’re just watching TV. Try a one-day social media fast. Whether you use it to binge a show or get outside, you might find it good for the soul.

Do Something That Makes the Day Feel Worth It

How do you like to treat yourself? Whether that’s shopping for new cute bags or heading to the spa, make Sunday a you day. The goal is to feel as if you are a real, complete person at the end of the day. Get to know yourself a little bit better and focus on recovering from all the hard work you do during the week.

Get Moving

Find yourself rushing around to get a decent yoga sesh or workout in during the week? You’ve got all the time in the world on Sunday! There really isn’t any better feeling than sitting on the couch after a good workout. Even if you’re just going for a walk around the block, clear your head and let go of all those frustrations, office dramas, and anything else that gives you grief during the week. You’ll thank yourself later.

Write a Nice Note to Yourself

You say so many nice things to your friends and coworkers but when was the last time you said something nice to yourself? Break out a notepad, unzip those pencil pouches, and jot down the things you love about yourself. It might seem conceited in a Mean Girls sort of way, but it could be what you need to feel great and thankful for all of the love in your life. Write something to your future self, write something to your old self, or even your current self, but whichever one you write a message to, do it in style with cute stationery.

Prep for the Week

If Mondays legit scare the heck out of you, getting ready for the week can set you up for success. Rather than rushing around in the morning trying to find the right outfit, do it the night before. Make a list of your intentions for the week and the goals you’re striving to hit. Use a cute notebook or planner with colorful gel pens to keep you motivated. You’ll feel accomplished getting that all out of the way and you’ll be ready to crush it. If you let it stress you out, then Monday wins, and no one wants that.

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